Monday, April 30, 2018

Just Stopping By

Old photos.

On my own blog. Thought I'd better say hello! Hello, and I hope all has been well with you. Life has been good here, but not share-worthy. Once in a while I'd think of something I could share, but when I went to my blog, I'd just think "Ugh." 

That's rather sad, I know. I've noticed there are many, many older blogs having fewer, if any, new posts. It's only natural that after several years there's not much new to write about of interest. But I'm not ready to shut down permanently yet. One never knows what interesting things could be right around the corner!

The bike is in the kitchen now!

So what have I been doing? With hospice personnel coming in two to three days a week, I'm cleaning a lot. It's mostly to keep some semblance of order and an attempt to keep things relatively dust-free. Here on the windy Great Plains (the Southern Plains), furniture gets dusty very quickly. And three kitties don't help! So you might say it just takes extra work to keep up appearances.

I've also been reading. I'm currently enjoying the latest issue of Victoria magazine. I don't buy it regularly anymore, but thought I'd enjoy the French issue. I'm also reading A Tale of Two Cities. It's the fifth book I've read by Charles Dickens, and I'm totally smitten. What a brilliant writer. What a heart for the poverty-stricken. What a storyteller. I read slowly, looking up vocabulary and historical references on my phone. Even then there are remarks or references I don't understand, but fortunately, they have been relatively few.

Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest...
To stay at home is best.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

That's about it! Not an exciting life, but well-suited for me. I'm off to fix some pasta to which I'll add seasoning (a shake of Montreal Steak seasoning, pepper, and garlic powder), olive oil, diced colby cheese, sliced black olives, a couple cut-up pre-cooked turkey sausage patties, and a drizzle of Ranch dressing. This will make me three meals. I have a small zucchini to stir-fry, as well. Washed down with iced tea with a couple tablespoons of frozen wild blueberries in the glass (or fresh blueberries, but I never buy them).

Hopefully I'll stop by again soon! As always, praying you are overwhelmed by blessings,