Thursday, August 24, 2017

Money Matters

As anyone of sense knows, money is a blessing and I dearly wish I had more--a lot more. I should have flowers in the classroom, and my house, all the year round, buy a hundred or so books, which have been on my list for years, and spend every school holiday travelling abroad--just for a start.

The above quote is from Village Diary by Miss Read, who was mentally comparing her own situation to her friend Amy's, to determine why Amy was so unhappy. After mulling a bit, Miss Read decides Amy's generous allowance from her husband isn't making Amy unhappy, but rather her lack of a sense of purpose and usefulness.

My mother used to think that the adage "Money doesn't buy happiness" was ludicrous. I pretty much agree. Of course, once you have "enough," then getting more money probably doesn't impact happiness so much. But to be able to buy the things one needs or to make repairs or pay monthly bills, without guilt or worry, seems to me just a basic building block in the foundation for happiness. 

And to have enough money for a few reasonable wants, why to many that would be sheer heaven.

Yes, there's definitely a happiness mindset, but having enough money levels the playing field so that achieving and maintaining such a mindset is that much easier. (Although not the only consideration by a long shot, having enough money assists in "thinking happy": think happy, be happy.) 

Because even if we haven't yet, we'll all have trials, even tribulations. We all experience illness, even severe illness; accidents; crimes; loss; and the deaths of our loved ones. But I can guarantee that folks wouldn't want to be nearly penniless on top of those things if they didn't have to be.

Just a few thoughts, and I hope this post doesn't offend anyone with or without money!

Either way: "Count your blessings, name them one by one",

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