Monday, August 7, 2017

Another Quote

Hello there! My usual book post will be later this week because I have to finish the book first! I like the book so far, but I'm only halfway through. I looked over my previously read books on my shelves for inspiration for a post, but no such luck this time.

Today I'll share with you a quote from Joyce Meyer that I thought was good. I think it was from a recent Enjoying Everyday Life program. Her theme this month is Summer Makeover with teachings on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Joyce said:

"Even if you feel lousy, every good decision you make helps undo the results of bad decisions that you've made in the past."

Thinking like that should fill a person with hope. As I recall, she was referring to physical health, but those words apply in any area. It's never too late to change because at the very least, we can change our thinking. And that's not "the very least," that's major!

Enjoy your days, and maybe there's one small, but good decision each of us can act on this week.

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