Friday, July 7, 2017


This purrbaby is now buried in my backyard. Still miss her!

As long as you have a window, life is exciting.
From Country Chronicle by Gladys Taber

This is so true, especially for aging folks like myself who no longer travel. (Well, I won't say I never will, but I haven't for a long time.)

Of course, indoor kitties like nothing better than a window, unless it's a screened window with a breeze flowing in, thereby adding tantalizing aromas to the mix.

Would you believe my little 760 sq ft house has twenty-three windows?! Ten are on the utility porch, but still! :O)

These days, however, for privacy's sake (the living room acts as a bedroom, etc.), we keep the curtains pulled on most of them. Also, it helps the utility bills. (I do miss the light, but it's not good in the summer anyway.)

Kallie often has a thick "whisker" growing out of her eyebrow. She also has a rather unique "blaze" for a kitty, I think.

Have a great beginning to your weekend!

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