Friday, July 14, 2017


Time had lost its importance. That was one of the good things about getting old: you weren't perpetually in a hurry.
From The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher

This quote fits my day-to-day living quite well. Now that I'm apparently retired, although still a caregiver, I love how my days may be routine, but yet are not regimented. Usually there is no set order in which I have to do my daily or even weekly chores. Once in a while I just don't do them at all!

After being at home for over two years, I now tell myself the day of the week and date upon waking each morning. Because one ceases to have to even know that information for long stretches. (Oftentimes, days seem as if they should be a different day to me. My brother will mention that, too.)

My busiest days are when trips to the pharmacy(ies), grocery store, and library all fall on the same day. I know! You wish you had it so rough! :O)

Somehow, what I used to get accomplished over my lunch hour, or the hour before or after work, now can take all day. 

My mother used to lament not being more productive in her older years. She would look at me, shrug her shoulders, and say, "The day just goes!" Not that I ever said anything to her; goodness, her time was hers to do with as she wished.

But now I know just what she means. And for the most part, I like it! I like putting my feet up almost whenever the urge strikes. I like saying, "I should go to the store, but I think I'll go tomorrow instead." I like being able to stay up until three in the morning to finish a good book, and then making up for it a little bit the next day. I like preparing an evening meal in the morning and getting that out of the way.

I do make my daily lists of things to do so that I won't fall into being a total sluggard! Tasks on the lists are over and beyond my caregiving duties and everyday housekeeping. Sometimes I don't do all of my three or four extra things, yet often I do more.

That's what is so nice about retirement: it's so much easier to simply "go with the flow."

However, I do intend to keep telling myself the date each morning. As we age, when we go to the hospital, that's one of the first things the doctor asks! I'd be embarrassed not to know. ;-]

An aside: You may have noticed that I've been sharing about books on Tuesdays and sharing Bible verses on Sundays. So it came to me that on Fridays I could share one of the quotes I've written in my commonplace books over the years. They may speak only to me, but I hope you'll also enjoy the quotes. I've done that many times in my older posts, but on those the topic came first and then I threw in an appropriate quote. Now I'll choose a quote, and if I have anything to say about it, I will! Anyway, that's what I'm up to now, posting on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, for however long. And perhaps an extra post every now and then.

Have a truly lovely weekend!


  1. I love this post ! We've just retired within the last year and although we seem as busy as ever, we also feel free to decide to stay home and "do whatever' , because we can ! It is quite nice. We even take naps in the afternoon now and then. :)

    1. Hi KathyB! Yes, that's it: "because we can!" Hope you are enjoying your new home! Good to hear from you! Bess


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