Tuesday, July 25, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 7/25/17

A post today re Alexandra Stoddard's books. As most of you probably know, she is a longtime, successful interior designer who also writes books on living and enjoying a happy life. A philosopher on the art of living. 

Some people have complained she's out of touch with the common woman, and I will say that I do have to be in the mood to read her enthusiastic, bubbly writing style. She also apparently holds to a mixed bag of spiritual beliefs, but I glean what I can use and run everything through the filter of God's Word.

I happen to have seventeen of her books (plus one duplicate that was my mother's), but to be honest, I haven't looked at or reread them for a long time, with the exception of Alexandra Stoddard's Book of Color.

So it ran through my mind once or twice to donate them to my library. But then I told myself I wouldn't want to part with her book Tea Celebrations ... or Gift of a Letter ... or Grace Notes ... and definitely not Living a Beautiful Life and ... ! So I decided to keep them all and will begin to rotate them into my reading queue before too long.

Ms. Stoddard is working on completing her twenty-ninth book: Joyful Living in the Real World, which I look forward to reading. I'd also like to own her first book, Style for Living. Her monthly newsletter can be found here. I haven't found any archives, so the old ones disappear when she publishes a new newsletter. Some parts of her website need to be updated (her husband is now deceased, etc.).

Do you like her books? I hope she is able to complete her latest project. I think in recent years she's had publisher problems. I wonder if she knows about publishing on Amazon?  ;-}

Enjoy your reading and many blessings to you,
PS: No Amazon links today. The heat and moving water hoses has made me fatigued this week!


  1. I really liked your profile writing my friend an di am glad that you are one of those lucky people who realize there mistakes and try to eliminate them from their personalities!

    i am so glad that you worked hard on your way of thinkg and started to think positive which is Most Important Step in Life!

    this post is very interesting and i am amazed with your love for one particular writer .i believe she is Great writer and that is why you choose her

    1. Thank you, Baili, and welcome to my blog! I have been helped by Ms. Stoddard's books, and I didn't really make that clear! I also forgot to mention that many of her books contain wonderful illustrations. I hope you are having a wonderful week. Please visit again! Bess

  2. I love all of Alexandra's books but especially enjoyed Living a Beautiful Life. I reference that book all the time for inspiration and ideas on how to live life to its fullest. She is definitely an enthusiastic author - wonder if she really lives her life as she writes about it? In any case, I do not agree with all of her ideas in her books but pick out the ones I like and use those to make my life more special each day.

    1. I agree, Anon. That book is one of her best, I think. I wonder, too. But I imagine she does her best and keeps coming back to her ideals. I think most of us bloggers are probably the same way. Sarah Ban Breathnach is another writer who had some wonderful ideas, but who took a very big fall and hit hard. I am glad to see she's coming out of it, though. At least I hope she is. I just discovered her newish blog a couple weeks ago. She's another one that I also, as you say so well, "pick out the ones I like and use those to make my life more special each day." Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Bess


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