Tuesday, July 18, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 7/18/17

I frequently search my library's website to see if any libraries in their system have whatever book I might be looking for. I look at the book on Amazon first, but then always check to see if it's available through the library.

Anyway, sometimes they have the book, and sometimes not. But the searches usually bring up anywhere from a few to a bunch of other books. Sometimes the results are pretty far out, but I suppose somewhere they share a name in common with the book for which I'm looking. (Amazon does somewhat the same thing, but the suggestions don't seem to include older books.)

I scan through the results, however, and every now and then a title leaps out at me and I click on it. And so that's how I wind up placing books on hold that I've never heard of before, and I've read some pretty obscure ones that way. 

Recently a search suggested a 1963 Avalon book entitled Betty Pritchard, Train Hostess by Elizabeth Beatty. Train hostess? I had never thought about that before, but evidently trains used to have them with duties similar to airline stewardesses (I don't suppose they are called that anymore), and my little bit of research showed that train hostesses are still used in some foreign countries. 

In this book, the train hostesses are nurses, but their main duties are customer service oriented. Betty is hired for the New York to Miami run, and winds up involved in adventure her first time out. The style of the book is reminiscent of a Nancy Drew, and after a somewhat slow start, the book became more interesting to me once Betty was on the train. There is excitement on the train, problems at home to worry about, and also a low-key romance. 

If my research is correct, Elizabeth Beatty is a pen name for Teresa Holloway (1906-1989), who wrote mostly career romance books, many but not all with nurse protagonists. I suspect they are somewhat hard to find, but here is a good list of the books. Your local library system might have a few, as mine does.

I enjoyed Betty Pritchard, Train Hostess. Betty is 24, conscientious, loyal, but also somewhat clumsy and forgetful. What was most interesting to me, however, were the scenarios and descriptions of train travel in the early 1960s (I assume), and the plentiful job positions available with the railroad at the time. 

There was some terminology not often used today. For example, a crack train is an express train given priority so that it has the fastest travel time.

I can recall traveling by train at least three times when I was a girl. Once with my family on an overnight from the Michigan UP to Chicago (I suppose we returned by train as well?), and with my brother, from Iowa to Chicago, along with the return trip. I thought it all truly wonderful.

Well, no links today except for My Amazon Picks as usual. But should you track down and read one of the Holloway/Beatty books, or a career romance by another author, let me know if you enjoyed it! 

Getting a new roof today (hail damage), but it's gone quiet so it must be lunch break as I write this. Ah ... lunch is over. :O) Guess I'll go have mine!

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