Tuesday, July 11, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 7/11/17

I'm about one-third of the way through a reread of a book entitled Gardening Mercies: Finding God in Your Garden by Laurie Ostby Kehler. I have the original 2001 hardback version, but it is available new as a paperback (2016; link at bottom of this post).

Kehler, an avid gardener, shares stories about her garden and then gives each story a helpful and encouraging devotional/spiritual/Christian application. (I use the same method in my own devotional memoir.) Her essays are often several pages long, so allow plenty of time to enjoy each one. The back cover says this book "creatively combines gardening observations and tips with devotional lessons."

The original book is printed on lovely ecru paper, like fine letterhead stationery, and contains pretty, monochrome illustrations throughout. I don't know if the paperback is the same quality, but I hope so. The print is on the small side for my extremely poor eyesight, but still I am able to read it.

Gardening season is moving along, but it's not too late to enjoy these wonderful stories/devotions about all aspects of gardening. Or the book could be read for a breath of fresh air in wintertime. Whatever the season, Ms. Kehler's book is sure to make you want to put it down and walk about your garden!

I currently don't have a garden, but I have a sizable backyard with trees and critters, and I do enjoy strolling about to see the interesting little things that I haven't noticed before: broken glass, rocks, nuts, tiny little flowers/weeds, feathers, the impressions left by bunnies under my porch and spirea bush. Besides, the English call a yard "the garden," which I love that they do! (When I learned that from watching Keeping Up Appearances years ago, it greatly increased my esteem for my humble yard.)

Well, Dear Readers, it may be 100 degrees out as I write this, but I'm going to go have another bowl of the soup I made yesterday (chicken & rice with onion, carrots, & seasoned with a small amount of Montreal Steak Seasoning, black pepper, & garlic powder).

Hope this week you'll enjoy a good book and your garden!
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