Tuesday, June 6, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 6/6/17

Just a short post today to recommend that if you're a student of God's Word, that as you read and study the Bible, you will likely gain far greater insight and understanding by also reading the corresponding sections from Halley's Bible Handbook. It has had 25 printings, been around for decades, and has been a big help to me.

The above is the 2000 version I use. It is apparently out-of-print, but can be purchased very inexpensively. In reading a few reviews of the Deluxe 2014 version, see link below, someone mentions that the latter stays open when set down. That would be helpful, as the 2000 version is such that it closes on itself and one must have a bookmark at the ready if she doesn't remember what page she was on. :0] Apparently there are color illustrations and improved maps, as well.

I am happy with the 2000 version (I think it would be useful even if reading a translation other than the NIV), but might spring for the Deluxe one day. But if you don't use Halley's regularly as an adjunct to your Bible study, you'd be amazed how much extra and interesting information it contains.

Happy studying!

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