Tuesday, June 20, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 6/20/17

Today I'm doing something a little different. I'm going to share a link to Scott's favorite 100 books by female British authors. He blogs at Furrowed Middlebrow. I came upon his blog simply because I had googled the word "middlebrow" while reading a book, which I found to mean literature or art one doesn't have to overly strain his or her intellect to understand or enjoy. A work that falls between lowbrow (lightweight) and highbrow (scholarly). 

I counted and I've only read fourteen of the authors that made the list. And probably fewer of the actual books that made his list. (But of the fourteen authors I have read, I've read beaucoup of their books in total.) 

Caveat: Since I've read so few of the listed authors and Scott's favorite books, I don't know whether or not they all fall into the "clean" category. Possibly not. 

I sure appreciate Scott's compilation of his list. It's added many suggestions for books for your and my reading pleasure.

OK. Enough chatter. Here is the link to A MIDDLEBROW SYLLABUS. (Scroll down for complete list.) And be sure to check out his blog for other wonderful book suggestions. You might like Dean Street Press, as well. (I have no affiliation with either.)

PS: I'm skipping My Amazon Picks this week. If you see a book on the list you'd like to purchase, I encourage you to use the link to Amazon via Scott's blog so he'll get the credit.

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