Tuesday, June 13, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 6/13/17

When it comes to fiction, it's pretty obvious that I prefer light, gentle reads. At present, my choices mostly include cozy mysteries (clean), clean romance books, and children's books in which the writing is sophisticated enough for an adult to enjoy. I have read deeper books, of course, but am currently preferring generally lighter, "happy" books.

I'm always searching the Net for suggestions, which led me to another series I have embarked on: The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert. These books are wonderful for fans of Beatrix Potter, and I may be the only such person who hadn't read the books until now. I am about to finish the third book in the series of eight. Photos are links to Amazon, a mix of Kindle & print.

They are certainly light reading, but Albert's writing and storytelling are superb. She skillfully weaves together fact and fiction, and has done her research. I find myself thinking the parts about Potter herself are totally believable.

Below is the link to The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood. (Caveat: There are a few rather unpleasant, almost gruesome references to getting rid of rats, just in case that might bother one; it bothered me a bit, but it's short and I pushed through. It's life in the country, I guess.)

In each book the author tells an interesting, fictional story involving many residents of or from around the village of Near Sawrey. And at the same time, Albert writes the story from the perspective of the animals that live in the area. Yes, they do talk, a la The Wind in the Willows. If that sounds a bit much, then you may not like these books. But all the threads fit together well to bring about interesting and fun tales of the years following Beatrix Potter's purchase of Hill Top Farm.

Each book contains a map and a cast of characters. Also, before beginning to read, be sure to look over the glossary at the back of the book for the vernacular terms used in some of the dialogue.

The books can be found via your library, or are reasonably priced via Amazon. Have you read this series? Did you enjoy them?

As a follow-up to an earlier post, I've just begun the fifth book (of six) in The Travelling Matchmaker series by Marion Chesney aka M C Beaton. When I posted about those books, I had only read three. I thoroughly enjoyed Beatrice Goes to Brighton (#4). Although, there was an interesting revelation (true or not?) about aristocratic men stepping into the sea for a swim- naked. Evidently, they had their own area to swim. (These are Regency period romance novels, and Chesney includes language and habits of the time.) But I think the books do fall into the clean category, at least so far.

Hope you are enjoying much good reading this summer!
PS: I am an Amazon Associate. Thank you so much for looking at these books (and you can always check with your local library). If you do enter Amazon and buy anything at all via one of my links, it costs you nothing extra and gives me a little credit for buying books for myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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