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For Your Reading Pleasure 5/30/17

Amazon link. The cover is a brighter green than this.

I don't own any of the Anne of Green Gables books, having read all eight of them, as an adult, via the children's department of my local library. I wouldn't mind owning them someday, though. I think I've purchased, quite inexpensively, some of Lucy Maud Montgomery's other works for my Kindle for PC, but I have yet to get to them in my reading.

But a few years back (3, 4, 5?), when I came across The Anne of Green Gables Treasury book, I had to have it. As I recall, I bought it directly from some Anne website, but I can't find which one it might have been. (If someone out there knows, please enlighten us!) My copy is personally signed by Carolyn Strom Collins. The other author is Christina Wyss Eriksson. Both live in Minnesota, but the book says Ms. Collins lives on PEI during the summers and is on staff at the LM Montgomery Heritage Museum. She is probably retired now, though. The book is copyrighted 1991, with an update copyrighted 2008. This edition is a "Special Edition Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Anne of Green Gables 1908-2008."

I don't think I can rave about this book enough to do it justice; I think it's that wonderful. It is a softcover (but firm, with flaps) book* with beautiful illustrations throughout. I especially like the timeline entitled "Through the Years," which lists what Anne's age would be, along with snippets from actual history. There are recipes for tea time treats mentioned in the Anne books; also instructions for crafts, including potpourri, sachets, an apron, pressing flowers, collecting buttons, crochet and more. There are floor plans for Green Gables, and maps of Avonlea, the farm, and of Prince Edward Island. 

There's a very sweet, thorough chapter on gardening, the meanings given flower names, and what Anne would have had in her garden each season. Finally, the Special Edition version of the book contains four itineraries with suggestions for the various attractions one can take in on a visit to the Island.

*My only criticism would be that the cover is a bit garish and doesn't represent the beauty of the contents as well as it could have.

I hope all you lovers of the Anne books out there are having the pleasure of owning The Anne of Green Gables Treasury. (I see the edition I have is more costly, but you can take a look, and maybe the price will drop: The Anne of Green Gables Treasury -Special Edition Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Anne of Green Gables 1908-2008.) The authors have also written a Little House Treasury and other books.

I'm going to immerse myself in my copy yet again!

Always thankful for the blessing of books that speak to my heart!
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