Tuesday, May 23, 2017

For Your Reading Pleasure 5/23/17

Today I'm sharing about the Miss Julia series by Ann B Ross (photos are Amazon links). Probably many of you have read these books, but I didn't read my first one until maybe four or five years ago. Eventually I read the next two books in the series, and after that I took a long break from them, only recently reading the fourth and fifth books. I think there are nineteen, so I have many yet to read.

I was slow to get into these books, and I didn't think they were all that great at first. They were borderline for me, I guess. But something made me decide to read another one, which was Miss Julia Hits the Road, and I really enjoyed it! I just finished Miss Julia Meets Her Match and liked it, as well.

I guess that might be an advertisement for giving authors or series another try when they seem just so-so to us. I definitely think our moods and circumstances can affect how much we enjoy a book. Or sometimes a series just doesn't suit us. Especially not until the main characters begin to feel like old friends. Maybe reading just one more book will help us know for sure.

Miss Julia takes some getting used to; at least she did for me. She's a modest woman (love that) of a certain age (65-70?), a Southerner (love that, too), and she's sassy and sarcastic, although I don't think she realizes it. Her mainline church plays a fairly big role in the books, but that's where a lot of the humor comes in, and sadly, a lot of truth. Readers just might empathize with or at least recognize certain stereotypical church members. The books are written in the first person point-of-view, i.e., Miss Julia is constantly telling the story.

When all is said and done, Ms Ross has created a character whose heart is generally in the right place and as big as all outdoors. Now that I've become better acquainted with Julia Springer, I find I like her very much.

What say we get off our computers and go immerse ourselves in a good book of our choice! Enjoy!
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