Friday, May 19, 2017

Before the Wind and Hail


I took these photos early yesterday afternoon, before we were in our basement in the late afternoon due to tornado warnings. We had a lot of hail, and now the flowers are in pretty bad shape. But they were enjoyed while they lasted! 

Alas, today I found a dead robin amidst all the downed leaves. Wind and hail is awfully hard on little critters.

That's all I have today. If you are in the path of severe storms, please, please always take any warnings seriously. It is not "uncool" to do so; it is lifesaving.

Be blessed always,


  1. The roses and irises are pretty, but I'm sorry that you've had bad weather. Glad you have somewhere safe where you can go until the storms pass. Blessings.

    1. Yes, we are blessed to at least have a "cellar" type basement to go to. Today the roofers are canvassing the neighborhood, assessing damage. I will probably pass on a new roof until after another storm or two. Just got a new roof a year ago. I'm not up to getting another one so soon. It's not leaking, and I don't think the damage is too bad. They will let me know, and then I can decide for sure. Enjoy your weekend!


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