Sunday, April 16, 2017

Another Glimpse

I hope you had a pleasant Easter. It was a day of indulgence for me because I allowed myself all the chocolate I fancied, along with two regular Cokes. Yes, I had given up both for Lent, and believe me, there were times I regretted it! Lent seemed especially long this year. I tried to determine just when it ended, but there were so many opinions, I decided to stick it out until 12:01AM Easter.

At least the final evening was entertaining because we had a bad thunderstorm, some hail, and lost power as soon as the storm arrived. As near as I know, only the few houses that run off our same transformer lost power. Across the street had power; up the street had power, and so on. But our wonderful power company arrived quickly, and power came back on ... except for my house! When I realized the situation, they were just about to pull away, but I ran to my back porch and flagged them in the alley with my flashlight. They said they'd check it out, which resulted in their having to pick up a new transformer and replace it. By that time, we were having a second thunderstorm with more terrific lightening, and there they were, up at the top of the pole changing out the transformer. Those guys are heroes if you ask me. I was quite concerned and said my prayers for their safety. But then I realized they take a lot of safety training, and I decided to trust in their ability to do their job, with God's help.

While this was going on, my brother was using oxygen tanks, what with no power to run the concentrator. Before the big ice storm this past winter, I had picked up a new big tank. But last night I couldn't stop the leakage, so when his small portable tank was near empty, I was starting to change it out to another small tank, which wasn't going to be easy to do with just a little flashlight for light. I must admit to feeling some frustration by that time. And then, voila! The lights came on; I yelled my thanks to the power guys; and had good light to exchange the tank to be ready for next time. It's that time of year on the Great Plains.

I used to drink solely Diet Coke for a soda, then this past year I'd been rotating in regular Cokes to where I'd enjoy two or three a week. That's not a good thing, so seeing as how I went without them for forty-six days, I'm going to try to cut back a bit. 

It's odd, perhaps, but I find the older I get, the more I want to consume certain foods and treats from my childhood. White bread for toast or sandwiches is another. But then I don't have it very often so I guess I won't fret over it. The occasional Hostess Cupcake. Oh dear. At least I haven't gained my lost weight back ... yet!

In other news, I've decided I hate the romance book I wrote years and years ago, but I am still, slowly, inputting it into the computer. Then I will probably have to shoot it. I mean, fry it. And lose the backup flash drive. On the other hand, I may put it on Amazon so that its few readers can learn how not to write a romance. I'll stop now. (But really, it's a wonder people publish anything because we are our own worst critics.)

Just took a break to watch tonight's episode of Home Fires on PBS. I have the book coming from our library system. I'm aware it's not a novel, but rather more of a history of the WI. I'll let you know if I like it.

On that note, I may be a day late with this week's book suggestions. We shall see. Well, it's still Easter evening as I write this, and I feel the need for a bit more chocolate, so I'll close. 

Remember, God loves you and, believer or not, there's not a thing you can do about it. Be blessed.

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