Friday, March 24, 2017

Violets and Cut Glass

Hi Friends! Don't fall over from the shock, but I took some new photos today to post. I put out the few items I have with violets on them in honor of Spring. 

Normally, I wouldn't have so many items displayed on one piece of furniture. Although, I did do that many years ago. But since the "extras" will be out just for a short while, I'm keeping my usuals out, too. I keep the front portion of the piano lid clear to allow for kitties. Now that Sweetie is gone, I haven't noticed the others up there, though. Obviously, my piano has a high gloss finish. I believe the wood is walnut. I so need to be playing it, but would you believe I haven't touched it since before Christmas?!

Below is an antique hair receiver that always sits on my piano. Next to it is an ornament from Russia that I hang from my piano lamp. Both of those items belonged to a deceased friend.

The painting was done by my maternal grandfather.
This angle "crunches up" the pretties, but they are spaced evenly.

Then I set out some dainty ashtrays with violets on them. I assume they were used for bridge games? I also have a teacup with violets. It says "Elizabethan Bone China" and is from England.

Sorry that photo didn't turn out in better focus. The relish dish in front is pressed glass, but I think the rest are cut glass. I believe the Singer sewing machine is from 1908. It doesn't have its treadle because my great aunt had it "electrified"!

The above is my mother's fruit bowl; probably a wedding present (1948).

Some vintage books. On top is Cranford. I bought Miss Nonentity by LT Meade, but the rest belonged to family. The green book is Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott. Right below it is a thin book of hymns in Swedish. The blue book is a book of hymns in English. At the bottom is a book called The Dickens Birthday Book for keeping track of birthdays for friends and family, and also a late 1800s autograph book I have shared before. The only book I haven't read is the Scott. Come to think of it, I think years ago I bought this Pilgrim's Progress, too.

The Scott book had the card on the left tucked inside it. The book and card were a graduation gift for my great aunt from a friend (1914). On the right is a cellophane-wrapped card that says "Flowers from the Mount of Olives" and has a pressed flower. It is framed in leather but doesn't stand on its own. The two books on the left are And Ladies of the Club (I've never read this but aim to someday), and a book of the love stories of famous composers entitled Like Softest Music. I think it's from 1936. It says it's based on fact but written in the guise of fiction. Haven't read it either, but hope it will float to the top of my reading list someday!

And finally, if one throws a clean blanket on a chair and then gets distracted, well ... cuteness ensues. Oh well! That's what washing machines are for:


Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. I love all the pretties, but especially the painting. Oh, what a wonderful heirloom to have and to pass on.
    It is lovely.


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