Sunday, February 12, 2017

Make Me a Servant

M A Hadley

Being a caregiver provides opportunity for ample training on how to serve another...selflessly. I must have been in need of much training because I have helped to care for my mother, my elderly neighbor lady, and for nearly the past two years, my brother. 

My attitude isn't perfect by far, but it has improved immensely over the years. I have gone from secretly grumbling and groaning, whining and griping, to the joy of anticipating needs and performing tasks in accordance with the desires of my "patient" and not my own wishes. Because really, why not do things just the way they want? It means so much to them and takes such little extra effort on the caregiver's part.

That's the epitome of being a servant: when one can be a servant for the sheer joy of it. And because we know our servanthood pleases Jesus.

The following is from In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden, when after first refusing, Dame Philippa agrees to be the assistant novice mistress to Sister Polycarp:

Dame Beatrice:  "Dame Philippa has fought a painful and powerful battle with herself and won."

But Dame Agnes shook her head. "Dame Philippa won't have won until she can do what she is asked, what is needed, without a battle," she said.

This devotional series around the four seasons by Vonette Zachary Bright is very good.

Make Me A Servant
by Kelly Willard

Make me a servant, humble and meek,
Lord, let me lift up those who are weak,
And may the prayer of my heart always be:
Make me a servant, make me a servant,
Make me a servant today.
Copyright 1983 by Maranatha! Music

Have a scrumptiously Happy Valentine's Day!

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