Monday, January 16, 2017

January According to Miss Read

The first days of the New Year were mild and still. The naked trees stood motionless against a grey sky ...

Indoors, bowls of hyacinths and tulips gave hope of spring to come ...

It was a time to relish one's home. In the dark of the year, when curtains were drawn between four and five, and the long evening stretched ahead, the people of Thrush Green turned to their fires, books, knitting, needlework and, sometimes, television to amuse themselves. Domestic comforts became doubly precious: a warm bed, a hot drink, the snugness of curtains shut against the night's chill, all brought comfort in the dismal days of January. From Celebrations at Thrush Green by Miss Read

Hygge anyone? I've read only two of the many books on hygge, but as I read them I couldn't help but thinking that any of us who have loved the cottage life and the simple life for years have known hygge all along.

Alas, sometimes nature makes herself known even in our cozy surroundings:

Tons of tree damage here, with loads of cleanup to be done. My yard isn't too bad, though, and so far our power has held so we are grateful.

I pray that January's storms will be kind to you and that you'll have many cozy days throughout.  Be blessed!

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