Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Slice of My Life

I wanted to write a new post, but could not think of a thing to write about. So I'll just share a few random thoughts.


Like everyone else, I have been attempting to thin out a few items I no longer need or want. Mostly from my utility porch which over the years has served as overflow storage. You would think I could do this efficiently: clear an entire shelf or surface at a time, clean it, and be done with it. But no, not I. I do a little here and there, as I can and as I want to. 

The realization came to me the other day that I love doing it that way. It makes me happy to do it that way. Eventually it will all be gone through and disposed of or donated or simply dusted. Goodwill has benefited, the library has, and perhaps the trash man kept the carpet sweeper from the trash. Or not.

List Making:

In early December I began making daily lists in two small notebooks. One is for a daily menu plan for me alone; the other is for three or four usually small tasks I'd like to complete, in addition to everything that has to be done on a daily basis, to which being a caregiver ups the ante considerably. (Some days just the usual required daily tasks can plumb wear me out.)

The menu planning is extremely helpful, but I haven't lost a pound. At least I haven't gained, though. So far this plateau has lasted six months, so I've taken out the big guns: tracking my sodium and sugar in addition to calories, plus my intention is to ride that exercise bike every day. Ha!

The list of extra tasks to do has been more successful. Things are getting done- eventually. Sometimes it takes writing it down a few days first. I used to be a prodigious list maker. I had to be. In my college days (I was older by a generation!) and in my paralegal days there was so much to remember to do that I would have gone insane without my lists. 

I had given up list making for a few years but felt my days were getting a bit aimless. I love Joyce Meyer's take: "Live your life on purpose for a purpose." My little To-Do book helps me do that.

Old Photos:

For the present, it is much easier on me to share an old photo or two, than to take new ones. For example, my living room and hallway currently look nothing like these snapshots. Everything has been rearranged to accommodate medical equipment, as I have said before. I think it's good to recycle photos anyway since new readers most likely will not have seen them. That way I get to enjoy them again, too.

Writing and Priorities:

I have a light romance I wrote in the early 1980s (back when I was interested in romance, fortunately) that I have been inputting into the computer. I told myself to type and rewrite two pages a day (pages previously typed on an old mechanical typewriter). Alas, I would get lost in my Kindle for PC or just surfing, and the result would be I was too tired for my writing work.

I made a pact with myself to input the two pages first before I allow myself to go elsewhere on the computer. Except for Sundays, a day off. So far setting that priority (after and around my caregiving duties) is working out beautifully. Chapter One has been entered! But oh my poor book, how outdated it seems. I really don't recall just what I might get into. So the rewriting part will go more slowly than hoped. When the book is finished, I plan to put it on Amazon. That will be book #2. Some of my poetry will be book #3. I'm just doing it because I might as well and because it's fun. So grateful to live in the age of Kindle Direct Publishing!

I have been reading a variety of genres to see what I might like to write next. I don't foresee writing another romance, but I won't totally rule it out. I am not interested in detective, thriller, fantasy, or science fiction books. My forte is probably as an essayist, but I have my blog for that (and my devotional memoir). I'm leaning toward a cozy mystery, with the emphasis on cozy, or a "slice of life" novel in the same vein (but not league, of course) as Miss Read.
Edited September 2018: Sorry to say, but I've "gone off" my writing, and even blogging much, until I am inspired to take it up again.


Last night and yet today this refrain has been running through my head:

Just a closer walk with thee,
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea, 
Daily walking close to thee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

Guess I managed to come up with a post after all. Thanks for slogging through it!

Sending out loving thoughts to my precious family and to each and every one of my wonderful readers! 

May you be blessed,


  1. It sounds to me like you're really getting a lot done. I like your plan of making sure you type at least 2 pages of your romance novel BEFORE you indulge in anymore on-line activity.

    Being a care-giver is an all day every day thing, it is good you're taking a few breaks here and there to do things that make you happy.

    1. Thanks Kathy! So good to hear from you, and I must check to see what you've been up to. I have a confession: Today I have read blogs first, and I have yet to do my pages! But I am determined that they will get done anyway. Thanks so much for visiting! Bess

  2. Hello Bess. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your kind comment to which I've replied to you there. You might have realised that I haven't been blogging for several weeks and, therefore, I've not been in communication with blog friends other than to reply when they've visited my blog when I check in from time-to-time. I'm pleased to see your photos and to know that the Lord continues to guide you and strengthen you in your daily walk with Him and in your caregiving role. Thank you also for sharing spiritual thoughts and for your prayers. Every blessing, Linda x

  3. Hi Linda, I've replied on your blog. You are a dear lady, and I always enjoy your comments and emails. Lifting you in prayer today. Bess


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