Monday, December 26, 2016

Free Books ... wait ... FREE BOOKS!!!!!!!

Totally irrelevant, gratuitous photo.  :O)

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas. Just a short post to share a few sources for free books.

1.  Alison May of Brocante Home is sharing some marvelously-tempting vintage Christmas books provided by Project Gutenberg. You can access her list here (sorry, the page has been removed from her blog). They all loaded to my Kindle for PC just fine, except the last one.

2.  If you happen to be a kindred spirit to Vickie of Vickie's Kitchen and Garden, she does much of the work and shares links to free books on her blog usually six days a week. 

3.  Of course, BookBub is great. Sign up for daily emails sharing free or inexpensive books in the genres of your choosing.

4.  And be sure to check out Amazon for free Kindle versions of older, beloved books. I've been very fortunate to find free versions of many titles I've wanted to read.

I know there are other sites for free books as well, but the above keep me in tons of free books and good reading. I'm not affiliated with any of the aforementioned sites in any way. One caveat: Be sure to check the price before you click to buy, in case it has changed. We don't want to pay $12.99 for a book we thought was free! (Well, maybe we do!)

Enjoy, and see you in the New Year!