Monday, December 26, 2016

Free Books ... wait ... FREE BOOKS!!!!!!!

Totally irrelevant, gratuitous photo.  :O)

Hi All!

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas. Just a short post to share a few sources for free books.

1.  Alison May of Brocante Home is sharing some marvelously-tempting vintage Christmas books provided by Project Gutenberg. You can access her list here (sorry, the page has been removed from her blog). They all loaded to my Kindle for PC just fine, except the last one.

2.  If you happen to be a kindred spirit to Vickie of Vickie's Kitchen and Garden, she does much of the work and shares links to free books on her blog usually six days a week. 

3.  Of course, BookBub is great. Sign up for daily emails sharing free or inexpensive books in the genres of your choosing.

4.  And be sure to check out Amazon for free Kindle versions of older, beloved books. I've been very fortunate to find free versions of many titles I've wanted to read.

I know there are other sites for free books as well, but the above keep me in tons of free books and good reading. I'm not affiliated with any of the aforementioned sites in any way. One caveat: Be sure to check the price before you click to buy, in case it has changed. We don't want to pay $12.99 for a book we thought was free! (Well, maybe we do!)

Enjoy, and see you in the New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2016

This and That at Christmastime

Greetings to all my dear blog visitors!

We have just enough snow to make the streets and grass white, but with warmer temps this week it will soon be gone. However, we do have a chance for more snow on Christmas Day. Hopefully we won't wake up to -11 then like we did the morning of the 18th! 

I only set a few things around this Christmas season. They have to be where the kitties won't destroy them. Sweetie was the only kitty that would sometimes jump on the piano, so I can put a couple things there now.

I rarely play the piano anymore, but have played through several Christmas carols this month. Mostly hymns, but I may try to run through more contemporary music this week. As with anything, when one doesn't do something for long periods of time, one loses her proficiency! There was a time, mostly during the 1980s and 90s, that I often played three hours a day. I never thought I'd lose interest in it, but that is what has happened over the years. (Plus, it would help if I would get a new pair of eyeglasses, but I'm going to use up all the good of my current pair first. They are so costly these days!)

We are having lasagna and cinnamon rolls for Christmas dinner. I'm looking forward to it! And the neighbors delivered their homemade fudge and caramels which are yummy. I am trying not to fly through it so that I can keep off the 35 pounds I've lost. At my age (64), weight loss is extremely slow going, but at least it's been going in the right direction!

One more photo of Sweetie that I found in my Christmas folder on my computer. Not sure why it was there. This spring I want to purchase a little marker of some kind for her burial spot. Maybe just a stone kitty. I want to be reminded of her as I walk by; she was too precious to let her slip away from my thoughts completely.

I have some posts (not too many yet) in mind for January, so please check back. I plan to turn comments back on then. Also, I invite you to peruse my sidebar to see if anything catches your eye. Lots of quotes, my tips for conquering negative thinking, most popular posts, and some of my favorites you might have missed. I also keep a list of my most recent reading. Perhaps we are kindred spirits! In fact, today I'm picking up my inter-library loan request: Christmas at Thrush Green. I'm so tickled it came in so that I can begin it before Christmas!

Over the past six years of blogging I have shared many photos of my dishes and pretties, should you be interested. Because of my brother's illness, my living room had to be rearranged to accommodate his equipment, so I no longer have the staging area for vignettes that Sweetie sits on above (hence my dearth of posts in 2016). It received the best light in the house, but there is currently no access. So I plan to mostly share close-ups in my photos until circumstances change.

Thanks for reading my chatter! I am doing remarkably well, and I sincerely pray you are, too. May the spirit of Christmas abide in your hearts always. 

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you;
he is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Monday, December 12, 2016

Bedside Provisions

It was the custom each morning for Violet to make a pot of Earl Grey tea in her bedroom, and to take a cup to each of her sisters. ...She quite enjoyed the early morning ritual, and Ada and Bertha were grateful for her service. Each sister kept a tin of biscuits in her room. Violet favored Gingernuts, Ada- Rich Tea, and Bertha stuck to Digestive. Sometimes the cup of tea, with a dip into the biscuit tin, was all that was required by way of breakfast as the ladies grew older and frailer. (From Friends at Thrush Green by Miss Read)

This excerpt resonated with me. I don't prepare a cup of tea in my room, but in recent years I have taken to maintaining a small stash of food in a bureau drawer a foot away from the side of my bed. Currently I have Ritz crackers, saltines, and Junior Mints. Amazingly enough, I don't find myself overindulging. I have a couple crackers with my morning and evening pills, and once in awhile I reach for a Junior Mint as a little pick-me-up. It's just so wonderfully convenient to have something nearby instead of having to pad to the kitchen for just a cracker.

But should we want to be able to also fix a cup of tea in our bedrooms, Margaret at Devon Dreaming shared a wonderful post about her lovely guest room accommodations here. Isn't her tea tray a nice idea?

So I briefly considered using the tray shown above to hold a teapot and accessories in my room, but I don't have the electrical outlets. Besides, in my little cottage, the kitchen isn't really that far away. So I'll have my crackers with the water on my nightstand, and once I'm alert for the day, I'll go fix that first cup of tea. 

Hopefully you pamper yourself a little, too. Someone as wonderful as you deserves to!

O Lord, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
Psalm 8:1

Hope you are enjoying a magical holiday season so far,

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Miss Read and Victoria Connelly

He thinks the few spirea branches hide him.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

I'm not sure how I found her, probably via googling Miss Read, but here's a link to British author Victoria Connelly's website. I found it so interesting that I've now read all her posts, even where she interviews other authors. 

Ms. Connelly spoke at Dora Saint's memorial service (aka Miss Read) back in 2012. Since then she has interviewed Mrs. Saint's daughter, Jill, oh- maybe three times or so. I'm not taking the time to create separate links, but the posts involving Miss Read are scattered throughout the newest half of the blog. If you are interested at all, it's worth scrolling through for a look. There are some old photos I'd never seen before, as well.

I also enjoyed the posts about all the locations the author researches for her books. I haven't read any of her books yet, so I can't speak one way or the other about them. Some sound rather cute, however. I will say that I'm not into explicit or graphic romance books at all, so I hope her books don't fall into that category.

Two of the three remaining kitties. These two are sisters.
I've always thought Baby, on the left, has an ewok on her back, or Chewie.
Pardon my messy reading corner. I'm incorrigible!
The bed is in transition, awaiting nights that will need the quilt once more.

And finally, I admire Victoria Connelly because she adopts ex-battery hens and gives the few that she can a loving, comfortable home the last few months to few years of their lives. The chance of living years is rare, though, because of the dreadful factory conditions they must endure for the mass production of eggs.

May many blessings come your way,

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rest in Peace, Sweet Little Kitty

I am sorry to share that the precious little girl of my previous post suddenly stopped eating, failed rapidly, and passed away the evening of September 17. She was such a loving, friendly kitty, and I will have fond memories of her the rest of my life. 

I never did get the "definitive" good photo of Sweetie. For all her beauty, she was as modest and humble as could be, doing her best to avoid posing. :0} Over the years I probably deleted ten photos for every one that I even bothered to keep. But at least I have those.

I hope each of you who visits this obscure spot on the web is well and happy. I'll try to be back sooner next time!


Tuesday, May 31, 2016


A couple snaps of Sweetie kitty. She has no desire to have her photo taken, and I rarely succeed in capturing her with even her eyes open.

All is mostly the same, and therefore good enough! Still no place to stage photos, which pretty much shuts down my blogging.

I am reading Susan Branch's Martha's Vineyard-Isle of Dreams and My Own Two Feet by Beverly Cleary. I'm enjoying both memoirs immensely. Branch's is the 3rd of three books on her life; Cleary's is the 2nd of two.

I hope and pray you are well and happy.

Loveliest of summers to you!

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Little Book about My Life


One other thing I've been working on a little bit at a time this past year is finishing writing a short (92pp) book about my life and putting it in the Amazon Kindle Store. It is part memoir/part devotional, so I do share my faith as well as scenes from my life.

Some of the stories have appeared on my blog in the very early days, but the book contains over twice as much new material. If you would like to read about my miraculous rescue from my abductor, how I failed to attain the career for which I earned my college degree, how I learned I had been married to a homosexual for twenty years, and much more, I invite you to purchase 'Can't Hardly' Live Without Hope by Bess Andrewson.

I hope you'll find it interesting, but even more than that, I hope you'll find it encouraging.

Thank you for your kindness. Comments are off, so for now please leave your review on Amazon, if you're so inclined. Or you can email me at mycottagediaryatyahoodotcom, and I'll try to remember to check my email from time to time.

Be blessed,