Sunday, September 6, 2015

Put on a Happy Face!

"Grey skies are gonna clear up! Put on a happy face."

Hi All!

Should you be needing a little lift, here's a link to Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh singing this fun song from Bye Bye Birdie. Or if you prefer, here are the great Tony Bennett and James Taylor (with a bit of talk; song begins about 48 seconds in).

He gives us "a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair."
Isaiah 61:3

Hope you are enjoying a happy weekend,


  1. Well, Bess. I definitely caught the happy vibe from your pictures, such fun they are.
    Made me smile! We should be happy because we have Jesus : D
    His bright light brings out all the colors.
    I am just home from a week away... And very glad to be back in touch!

  2. The clip from Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh was interesting. I had never seen it before.
    Hope you are enjoying your week.
    Dianne L


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