Sunday, August 16, 2015

Exploring Art

Sorry so dark. There is just no natural light in my house yet.

I was going to complete a few more attempts at art I have in mind before I shared these, but I'm not getting to things very quickly. So I'm sharing some of my silliness now. I'm no talented artist. Mostly I've just been checking artists out (for ideas) as I come across them, and also pinning art I like.

I have posted before on the fact I like to color ... in coloring books. When I can find the time, I find it very relaxing. The cover:

Purchased in the mid-1970s, I think. Two more pages and it will be all colored in.

My version:

I guess it was early this summer that I discovered Bible marginalia art (Bible art journaling). I decided against purchasing a new Bible with margins because I definitely don't need another Bible. However, any of our Bibles have blank spaces at the ends of the Books, between the Testaments, at the back, etc. For now that is good enough for me. My first and only attempt, done in ink and colored pencil, is below. Here are two links to good blogs on this topic: Journaling the Bible and Visual Blessings. Or just do a search on Pinterest, etc. Such beautiful work is a pleasure to behold!

As an aside, I pondered whether it was desecrating my Bible, the Word of God, to adorn it with art. But I already highlight it (my only system is to use a different color each time I read it through), and I don't plan on spreading any images over the Word itself. Not saying that's wrong, just saying to each her own. Per Wikipedia, illuminated manuscripts go back hundreds of years, aiding in clarification and even preservation of ancient works.

I'd say this looks like a 4th grader drew it, but then I'd be insulting 4th graders everywhere! :-)

I've wanted to do some scripture art journaling in my informal art journal as well. The following was done in colored pencil, but I ruined the look of it with my scraggly writing. So no more writing added until I study a bit on lettering techniques.

Auto Correct used because it came out so dark.

Finally, I became interested in the work of Candice Dillhoff on youtube. Her Faux Hobonichi is especially wonderful! And if you know what that is already, you are waaaay ahead of me! Anyway, her doodles are works of art and just looked fun. So I've tried a couple so far, and mine came out pretty weird, but they were fun to do. The first was done in watercolors, the second in markers. I have no fancy materials; just Crayola pencils and markers, and Prang watercolors. Perhaps someday I'll buy some materials others recommend. The doodles are just plain doodles; they don't mean anything. Except for on the bottom one, I did decide it needed a "Bluebird of Happiness" in the little scallop dip.

The black line on the bottom flower is courtesy of Sweetie kitty
jumping on it while I was working away!

My informal art journal is "no pressure" fun because it's just a record of my dabbling and learning process. For example, I sketched a cat that I won't share. I looked at it, and on the top of the page I wrote "Yikes!" But it's staying in there. :O)

Thanks for your visits, comments, and for following (at the bottom of my blog), and to a few of you a big thanks for going through my Amazon widgets. 

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you, I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.
Psalm 9:1-2

I hope you have a wonderful week! 


  1. FUN! A whole world of art to explore, it is a lovely thought.
    Your colouring book took me back to my girlhood, do you remember Victoria Plum illustrations?
    Little girls with big bonnets...cute.
    I love your bright colourful doodles, there's something folk art about them...keep going Bess!
    You are creating your unique style, I think you are onto something!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your artwork. I am sure it is fun and relaxing for you. My mom and Aunt recently purchased some coloring books on vintage fashions that they are enjoying coloring. I think the page with your handwriting is very nice. Not ruined in the least. Hope you have a great week! Dianne L

  3. The vintage fashion coloring books sound wonderful, Dianne. You are too kind, and I appreciate you! Have a great week yourself! Bess


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