Sunday, August 9, 2015

Canna Lilies

Happy Sunday to you! There aren't as many new flowers around this time of year here besides zinnias and Rose of Sharon. We have many of both around town, but I haven't had a good opportunity to photograph any Rose of Sharon. 
(Scroll down to see the zinnias up close and personal.)

However, I did photograph these tall and majestic canna lilies, thanks to the zinnia neighbor.  There is another stand of them not too far away, and they are much shorter. A different variety, I imagine.

Today I thought I'd share from the 1948 devotional My Lord and I by Harry Moyle Tippett:

The secret of spiritual fragrance in the life is "Christ in you the hope of glory." To find God in the cathedral organ, in the gorgeous sunset, in a great masterpiece of art, is a partial experience in the things of the spirit, but the full experience comes when, like St. Theresa, we find God walking among the pots and pans.

The mastery of environment begins with attention to the nearest task or the most needful duty as a focus of interest from which order and organization will naturally evolve. ... Epaminondas, celebrated Greek general, famous as a sanitary engineer in cleaning up the city of ancient Athens, became greater than his environment when he was appointed by his political enemies as scavenger of the city. "If the job cannot magnify me, I will magnify the job," he said, and therewith turned a seemingly ignominious appointment into a glorious opportunity.  Good religion does that too. It molds our untoward surroundings into opportunities instead of handicaps.

A railroad-crossing watchman in a Midwestern city made his drab little signal hut an attractive spot of simple beauty by surrounding it with a tiny border of flowers. The little window boxes were colorful with red geraniums. He kept his small quarters bright with scouring powder and new paint. The whole atmosphere testified to the instincts for beauty within the man's heart in a lowly environment. God requires, not that we revolutionize a city, but only that we be perfect in the sphere of our influence. That suggests changing the things that need changing, and molding adverse conditions to a noble utility.

Coming and going!

Praying your life is blessed with beautiful days,


  1. Hi Bess, those lilies are indeed majestic, I like the structure of the leaves too, really very beautiful in themselves.
    Fabulous quote for 'blossoming where you're planted',really encouraging to feel we can shine in our own little corner of the world. God will know, and a positive attitude blesses all those in our daily lives.
    I once heard of a woman who took it upon herself to improve s bus shelter near her house,she painted it, added hanging baskets of flowers, a pretty bench etc just to bring some joy to those waiting there....what would the world be like if everyone had that wish to create happiness?

  2. Thank you for sharing the section from the devotional. I really liked the part about Epaminondas.
    Dianne L


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