Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Talk: Paris Letters

I feel as though I'm always the last one to read a popular book, but I'm going to share a little anyway.

If you see yourself as a dreamer, a romantic, or an artist, I think you will enjoy Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod. I certainly enjoyed it. I think I even loved it! And what's so wonderful is that it's a true story ... a memoir covering very recent years in MacLeod's life.

You get a lot in this book. She is an artist, and includes around twenty copies of her watercolors, the ones on the cover and endpapers being in color. She also includes in entirety the corresponding letter she wrote and sent to friends and subscribers on each painting. I loved the responses she shared as well.

First, however, you may very well identify with her job frustrations at the beginning of the book. I found it interesting to read how she escaped the rat race. At the end of the book she provides an itemized summary of what she did to save enough money to ultimately escape from the corporate world.

And then there's the romance. This is one great, sweet, love story, and I found myself rooting for Christophe early on "to get the girl." He had to work to reel her in, but he sounds like quite the catch himself.

From Paris Letters:

I thought I'd cry here on the bridge with all these insights pouring out of me. I used to cry every single day, usually about some boy, sometimes about pressure at work. There was always something to cry about. But now, I hadn't cried since that tiny two-minute episode when I said good-bye to Christophe at the airport in Paris. How unlike me. Or, perhaps, the crying version of me no longer existed. That was who I was before, not who I was on this bridge in Venice. Along the way, I replaced a bad habit of being upset with a good habit of being happy. Could it really be that simple?

Love the last two lines of that paragraph!

I thought I might be a little old to embrace this book, but I'm glad to know I wasn't.   :O)

Have a refreshing weekend,


  1. Well Bess, I have never read the book but I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is so good when you find a book you like and leaves an impression on you :0)

    1. I agree, Mari! An especially good book is a joy. Hope you are feeling better every day. Blessings, Bess

  2. That does sound like a really fun book. I like hearing what like-minded people are reading. I am trying not to buy any books for a while. I did recently buy a book I heard about from you, The Best Part Of the Day. It is lovely. God bless you. Dianne L

    1. I still have Sarah's book sitting out, Dianne. You've inspired me to read it again tonight! I try not to buy many books either. Paris Letters was one I ordered on Christmas Day with an Amazon GC and just got around to reading it! I try to check my library system to see if I can get a book first. If I can't, then I might succumb to buying it. If only we had the room and the money to buy every book we fancied! But it's probably good we haven't! Bess

    2. I actually have bought so many books that I doubt I'll be able to read them all, so I am trying to read and not buy. I think you're right. It's probably good we haven't room and money for every book we want. Dianne L

  3. That looks like a very romantic book, are never too old to enjoy a tale full of beauty in a romantic can only lift you up. The paintings must add a lot to the 'feel' of the book.
    Isn't it lovely to have a good book to read? I hope books are never replaced entirely by 'screens'!
    Hope you are having a good week, with little treats along the way : )


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