Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Talk: The Bee Cottage Story

I had pre-ordered this bookand looked forward to it with great anticipation. Perhaps hard to believe, but I had never heard of Frances Schultz before this book began showing up in my Amazon emails of book recommendations. She writes (wrote?) for House Beautiful and Veranda, but about the only magazines I've read regularly in many years have been Victoria and The Cottage Journal, and I've been hit or miss for the last couple years with those.

The first part of the book is memoir, and the second half or more shares the decor and gardens of Bee Cottage in East Hampton, New York. I enjoy reading both memoirs and decorating books, so this was a fun read. Its only shortcoming is that I would have liked even more details in the memoir and more photos of room areas not shown in the decor section. But I guess that fits the old adage of "Leave them wanting more."  I recommend this sweet book, which I'll be reading again before too long.

Sorry for the dreary photos. It is a dark day here, but at least it is cool.

Enjoy your week!
PS: The link is an affiliate link. I profusely thank each and every one of you who enters Amazon through my blog.


  1. That sounds like the kind of book I would like. I am reading a book called Novel Interiors now. I find it to be fun as it incorporates ideas and phrases from books. I think I read about it on Brenda's Coffee Tea Books and Me blog. Glad it's cooler there today. It is here, too.
    Dianne L

  2. Glad to hear that you're getting some cooler weather. I do like books about houses and gardens especially if there are lots of photos and personal details. I've found many in charity shops for a small sum and they've been enjoyable to browse through and also most informative. That's a lovely cup and saucer. Not so easy to find in charity shops these days as pretty ones are very popular. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. The book looks delightful, thanks for the review. I won't buy it now but in a few months, want to come back and click through your blog for purchase.


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