Friday, June 19, 2015

A Quick Hello

All is well, except that I'm suffering from a lack of inspiration and motivation ... and a staging area. I haven't even come across a good quote lately. In fact, this short post is due to my guilt over having not posted for two weeks!

We will be hovering around 100 all week. Summer is definitely here! Hope you can stay cool where you are. Praying for many wonderful blessings for you and yours.


  1. Ha ! Your post appears to have been written about the way I feel in high temps. No energy, inspiration evaporates as soon as the temps reach 78 degrees for me. Naps in the shade and escape to our only air conditioned room save me from despair and melt-down at such times. Truly, God is so good to me in spite of my tendency to be undone in high temp weather ! You are a better soul than me to post under such conditions. Summer is not and never has been a season I like.... there is always autumn to look forward to !

  2. Thank you. May God bless you too. I hope that you can stay cool. Here it would be good if we had some sunshine, but as we don't usually have extreme temperatures, as happens in some parts of the world, we are blessed.

  3. Glad all is well there. We're enjoying our quiet summer now that all of our trips are over. Still haven't planted any flowers and might not get to it now. I'll just enjoy pictures of other people's flowers I guess. Dianne L


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