Monday, May 11, 2015

Tea and a Magazine or Two

There's lovely sunshine today (and yesterday was particularly nice), but getting to a spot of it in the house is not going well! Finally I resorted to snapping a few photos at my kitchen table this morning, and have used Picture Manager's Auto Correct on most to brighten them a bit.

Today I'm sharing thoughtful gifts from my sister-in-law. She's such a sweetheart to surprise me from time to time with something just for me. The teacup actually was a gift from a couple or so years ago and is Gracie Bone China. It is a large cup that feels really nice to hold.

This past year she has also gifted me with subscriptions to Tea Time and Midwest Living. I've enjoyed Tea Time in the past and still do, but I haven't read Midwest Living before. It's mostly a travel magazine with interesting places to see in the Midwest, plus it had some nice, longer articles that suited me to a "T": Mackinac Island; the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin; large florals being used in decorating, and more.

I also learned from the latest issue of Tea Time that the six vintage Dirigold forks (from Sweden, I think) I have that I thought were maybe seafood forks are actually pastry forks. They are brassy in color, and mine have developed some imperfections.

Alas, I had no pastry today to have with my English Breakfast tea that was part of a Mother's Day gift from my beloved son and equally beloved daughter-in-law! But the tea tastes wonderful and gives me an excuse to pick up some pastries.  :O}

I'm sharing today with these wonderful spots on the web:

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Wake up, wake up, break out in song!
Judges 5:12

Thanks Family! And thank you, Friends, for stopping by!


  1. Love the tea cup and the information about the pastry fork. I did not know that either. Have a wonderful week. Love the scripture you shared. Hugs, Martha

  2. A pretty cup and saucer. The magazines look interesting and it's always so nice when you receive such thoughtful gifts. Enjoy your cup of tea and a good read.

  3. Two great magazines and a nice cup of tea - time out well spent! I got Midwest Living many years ago when I lived in Iowa. I love your teacup and it sure would make one HAPPY!

  4. That is a very pretty teacup! A thoughtful gift. Thanks for joining me for tea.


  5. Glad you were given this lovely cup and saucer! This pattern of fruit and flowers is just beautiful. The magazines are such a great idea for a special gift that keeps giving. Hope you have a fun te time!


  6. I love floral teacups! Yours is very pretty. I'm glad you're finding a little time to browse magazines and sip tea. God bless. Dianne L

    1. Me too,Dianne. We are in a good phase now re the care of my brother. I'm hoping it lasts a long time!

    2. I hope so,too.

      Dianne L

  7. Gracie has so many beautiful teacups and they're not only beautiful, but sturdy . What a sweet sister you have, it appears she knows you well !

    I really like that Gracie cup & saucer with the bold blue & yellow florals ~my colors.

  8. Gorgeous bright teacup! Cheerfulness in a cup. I am so glad you have such very loving family members! Tea Time is a favorite, and the Midwest Living looks great too! We all definitely need a nice magazine, a treat and a cup of tea. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


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