Friday, May 8, 2015

Surrounded by Loveliness


In the neighborhood, that is. I stepped outside on this cloudy day to snap a few photos because I grew tired of waiting for sunshine. Plus there was the possibility one of our storms would beat all the loveliness to the ground before the sun shows itself again, but I hope not.

I do want to thank the one or two of you who are entering Amazon through my widget(s). I appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you can imagine. I also appreciate all of you who visit and any comments you take the time to leave. I'm not always good at responding, but know that every comment touches and edifies my heart.

Same bush, but looks more red.

bearded iris

lovely peach iris

If they don't get shattered, I'll try to get out and "shoot" some peonies for you. They are almost ready to bloom.

via phone

March on, my soul; be strong!
Judges 5:21

Taking in a healthy dose of loveliness is one way to infuse ourselves with strength for the journey of life. And often it's as close as our backyards ... or just over the fence!

Prayers going out to all my readers for a safe and fun weekend,


  1. Such beautiful flowers! I haven't planted any this year. We are supposed to get our windows replaced, and I decided to wait until the work was done so the flowers wouldn't get trampled or be in their way. The rain prevented it being done this weekend, so it may be a while before I plant anything. Hope you will continue to be safe from storms. Dianne L

  2. You stay safe as well, Dianne! That's good thinking re delaying planting until your new windows are in. Hopefully you can enjoy your neighbors's flowers like I am. By the time I get in the mood to plant, it's either too late or I need the money for other things. I'm wondering if a hydrangea would do well here, tho. I haven't seen any around, at least in front yards. But I think I have a good spot for one and they are selling them for M-Day. If there are any left tomorrow, maybe I'll treat myself to one. Be blessed, friend. Bess

  3. Such prettiness that surrounds you, Bess! Yes, sunshine is glorious and bright and energizing, but you're right - if we keep waiting for a perfectly sunny day to take photos of the beauty around us, we may miss the point! Thanks for sharing all the loveliness.

    P.S.: Awaiting pics of those peonies!


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