Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mystery Flowers and a Kitty Nose

I was finally able to open the above photo (taken by my phone) using Yahoo Mail instead of Outlook. I don't know what kind of flowers those are. If you know, please leave a comment and tell me! I would really appreciate it.

Some of you have met Baby, our littlest kitty. Compared to the other three, who have "turned-up" noses, Baby is very leonine. In fact, sometimes I refer to her nose as a proboscis, but she says that's going a bit too far!  :O)  

If I roll on my side at night, Baby has taken to resting on my arm and shoulder in the Sphinx position. I can remember when she and her sister (both feral) wouldn't come near us! She really is a little cutie now.

Just a silly post for another rainy Saturday night!


  1. Your kitty is a sweet companion - lovely eyes. I think the mystery flower might be salvia. We don't have it in our garden. but the Chelsea Flower Show is on in Chelsea, London this week and I saw a similar flowering plant on a television programme of the event.
    Every blessing to you and your loved ones.

    1. I replied to Linda directly, but I think she's correct that they are salvia. Thanks very much Linda!


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