Sunday, May 24, 2015

Candid Kitties

Just wanted to share this snap I took of Baby with my phone. It makes me smile. Then, not to be outdone, Sweetie took a selfie:

Silly kitties.  8-]



  1. Oh my goodness what beautiful eyes Baby has...and what a pretty girl Sweetie is!
    I'm sure you must love them to bits! I miss my pussycats. One day there might be the patter of tiny paws again.. ; )

    1. Thanks, Alex! I do love them to pieces. The other two kitties we have (and I love them too) have decided they are my brother's cats, so I don't get around to taking as many photos of them. Of course, it's easier when B & S are staring right at my camera!

      Alex, if you make your blog public again, let me know. You too, Mari! Blessings to both you ladies! Bess

    2. Yes, it is public again Bess ~ usual address (
      Bless you for asking : )

  2. Cute kitties. Much of my family is allergic to cats, so I'm not around them much. I grew up with cats, though. They can be such fun.
    Dianne L

  3. That's the same with my family, Dianne. Some are very allergic and some not so much. We had kitties growing up, then when I married and had a child we switched to dogs. Now I'm back to kitties in my "old age." :O)


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