Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Garden Perspective

The only time there have been four blooms on this tulip plant,
so that year I took several photos.

I can remember when I first began watching episodes of the British comedy Keeping Up Appearances on our local PBS station. I think it was about the year 2000, but might have been a year or two later.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, but there was an expression, or terminology, they used from time to time that perplexed me. Hyacinth frequently suggested to Richard that he go work in the garden. The thing was, the garden would turn out to be one rose bush in the front yard. So I would wonder, "Where's the garden?"

Finally, being a bit slow, I figured out that the word "garden" in England was the equivalent of, at least at times, the word "yard" here in the States. 

I was thinking about that not long ago and decided I really liked the word "garden" better than "yard." It has a nicer connotation, and it has made me realize that if I view my plain old yard as a garden, then it's quite worthy of taking "a turn in" or "a stroll around," humble though it may be.

Our perspective in life is so important, don't you think? The old half empty or half full question. Is my life a yard or a garden? And, as with these different perspectives taken a few years back of my one lone tulip plant, do I dwell on the scars or the flowers in life?

Suddenly my simple yard has become a treasure to me because the Brits taught me to see it as the garden it is. I'm going to keep trying to apply that to my life, too.

Despite being mowed over early on, these lovely tulips had a good life!
And if you go to the bottom of my blog, you'll see they were given a permanent home here :O)

I will meditate on your wonderful works.
Psalm 145:5

Thanks so much to those of you who comment so faithfully and say such nice things. You are some of my favorite flowers in my garden!

I pray your week will be a "bouquet, b-u-c-k-e-t, bouquet" of blessings,


  1. I always enjoyed that show brought many chuckles. Anywhere you plant a seed, water it, nurture it,... it becomes a garden! blessing to you, mari

  2. I like the thought of your yard being your garden. I have a flower bed at the front door. Sometimes it is more cared for than others, but last year it was beautiful! I have some planters on the back porch, and a few trees, but mostly grass. I have never seen that TV program, but I love England and things British. The tulips are really pretty. I've never tried to grow them.
    Dianne L

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Bess! I hope all is well.
    Dianne L

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Dianne! All is well; just a lot of demands on my time these days. I think that will improve before too long, though, as the person I've been helping will be going to assisted living soon. Blessings! Bess


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