Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thank Goodness ...

My latest attempt. I hope I improve, but if not, it's still a stress buster! :O)

"Thank goodness I didn't know ... ." That's a phrase I've told myself from time to time over the years (remember, this blog began as an admission of my negativity and my methods for overcoming it). Thank goodness I didn't know I'd spend $30,000 on my college education (which is cheap these days) and never really use it. Thank goodness I didn't know when I got divorced that I'd never remarry. Thank goodness I didn't know I'd be driving a 22-year-old car. Recently I caught myself thinking "Thank goodness I didn't know that my semi-retirement 'me time' would be commandeered by the need for caregiving."

Thank Goodness, indeed. Because it's all turned out OK so far, and if we knew these things beforehand, our lives would be filled with unnecessary frustration, fear, and dread. It's enough that God knows and that we give Him control of our lives (as much as is possible in our humanness) to direct as He wills. Easier said than done, I know, but one just keeps practicing relinquishing the reins!

Just using an inexpensive composition book.

This page I was working with adding line fillers, as shared by Erin Leigh.

I think it's going to be awesome, once we've crossed the veil, to see how He has taken the back of the tapestries (an oft-used metaphor, I know) and created stunningly beautiful and useful works of art (you and me) for our eternity with Him and to His Glory.

And we know that all things work together for good
to those who love God,
to those who are the called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28  NKJV

All the same, may you receive a desire of your heart this week!
PS: I realized my "Baby Don't Go" post might have had some of you thinking she had passed away (if you didn't scroll down). Here she is, alive and well and watching squirrels just as I began to compose this post:


  1. it is so wonderful to be able to surrounded ourselves with His Word... I like your journal very much Bess :0) mari

  2. I like the pattern of interlinking circles in your drawing. I'm glad Jesus is Lord overall. My desire is to stay close to Him and take comfort in knowing that He has been watching over me in the past, is with me in the present and will be there in my future. Linda :)

  3. Hi Bess, I have always admired those who can take words and make them into art. I love the beginning of your journal. It's just wonderful. I pray that as you continue to doodle and play, you'll find the practice encouraging and uplifting. Thank you, as always, for your prayers, comments, and friendship. I love your word for the year too! I'll be praying for God to bring it to life for you, just as he with "imua" for me.

    You are a blessing!
    Love, Regina

  4. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want… Our Pastor has done a sermon series on the 23rd Psalm that has been so encouraging. God is so good to not let us know at the beginning everything that will happen in our lives. But He has let us know that He is with those who love Him through it all. Have a good day.
    Dianne L

  5. Glad you are finding art helpful. Lovely cat and an interesting read.Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.


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