Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Baby, Don't Go ..."

Sweet Baby is our littlest girl.

But she did. (I hope some of you remember that song by Sonny & Cher!) Earlier this afternoon, Baby was looking out the window, and I wanted to capture her backside in silhouette. But as soon as I returned with my camera, down she jumped.

I did my best to coax her back into position, but she just wanted to watch me. At least she does look at me. Sweetie, my black & white, is a master at not having her face captured on film!

I am still struggling with my time management, but I will try to post as often as time and energy allow. I wanted to share a couple quotes and a link to an art website I've been enjoying:

Art by Erin Leigh is a fun place to learn how to letter and make your favorite sayings and Bible verses into art. My few attempts have been rather infantile so far, but I'm slowly making my way through her 31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling and learning lots of new things.

Then while perusing the last of my Victoria magazines (I did get all of them "reread" in 2014!), I came across the following in the December 1997 issue:

I can't remember when I didn't sing, can't remember when the sight of a songbook or the sound of the radio or simply good spirits didn't set me going. In church or in the car, alone or with a chorus, I sing when I'm sad, sing when I'm happy, sing for no reason at all. If there's a simple source of joy in the world, it's this--lifting one's voice in music good, bad, or indifferent. Catherine Calvert in the article "Let Voices Lift in Song"

Then when she tells of joining an adult choir for a Christmas performance, she adds: When we lifted our voices in song, we had discovered that the song lifted us.

Just more confirmation of what I've said on this blog, although I mostly sing silently to myself, rather than out loud. (Croaking is not singing, and these days I croak like a frog! However, I do sometimes sing out loud in the car.)  8-}

The china cabinet that is to the left of Baby looks like it's leaning in this photo, but it doesn't.

Finally, I've been watching the Downton Abbey dvds I received for Christmas (Seasons 1-4). I've been viewing the episodes with subtitles and it's awesome! I'm picking up names of visitors and much more that was difficult to hear. Anyway, from Season 1, Episode 2, I jotted down the following exchange:

Carson: Do you find me very ridiculous, Mrs. Hughes? Putting on airs and graces I've no right to? ...
Mrs. Hughes: Mr. Carson, you are a man of integrity and honor, who raises the tone of this household by being part of it.

Sounds like a good example of salt and light to me!

You are the salt of the earth ...  
You are the light of the world ... 
let your light shine before others, 
that they may see your good deeds
and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:13-16

Welcome to any new readers, and welcome All to 2015! Let's have a good one by "raising the tone" of whatever we are a part! 
If you're watching Downton tonight, enjoy! 
Sending loving thoughts out to you,


  1. Hello Bess :) what a cute kitty you have... mari

  2. I haven't watched Downtown Abbey, but we got seasons 1-4 for Christmas also. I hope to start watching soon. I like your bird pictures. I have pictures of birds on my walls as well. Have a good week!
    Dianne L

  3. Glad you are enjoying Downton Abbey. The last series was great. Can't wait for the next in the Autumn thought not in order to wish my life away, just looking forward to it when the time comes. The Christmas episode was superb and with so much going on I have kept it recorded to watch again some time.


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