Friday, December 12, 2014

You are Invited ...

Brooch by Kat's Creations

to a birthday party for Jesus on December 25! BYOC: Bring your own piece of cake, or even a cupcake or cookie will do. You won't need a candle because He is the Light, and His Light will never be put out or go out or burn out.

First, steal away by yourself for a few moments this Christmas, or even better, engage your whole household if possible, and have your cake with you, ready for His birthday celebration. You may greet Jesus with a prayer if you'd like, or just say hello, and He'll be there with you.

Second, present Him with a gift. What will it be? That's entirely up to you! No need to make it costly in time, effort, or money. (You can if you want to, though). Right at that moment, give what you can give with a cheerful heart and without burden. To my notion, birthday gifts ought not to be burdens.

Sometime during the next few months: Could you take cookies to a neighbor? Shovel a sidewalk? Drive someone to an appointment? Call and have a phone visit with someone you've been out-of-touch with too long? Send an old-fashioned letter to a friend or relative? Give a kind remark or praise to a frazzled clerk? (Compliments and encouragement are free, readily available, and are enjoyed by the recipient for hours or days!) 

Perhaps you can pick up a shift at a soup kitchen or food bank. Donate wholesome books to your local library or lightly-worn clothing to Goodwill. Volunteer as a greeter for your church or hospital. Give a little money to a worthy cause. Or ... maybe it's time for you to give Him your whole heart! The list is endless.

What comes to mind that you can give to Jesus this year? Confirm it by giving it to Him (telling Him) at His birthday party (be sure to follow through!). Then thank Him for the gifts He's given you. Best be brief, tho! No holding up the party!  :O)

Third, sing the following in that lovely voice of yours:

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus,
Happy Birthday to You!

Finally, smile great big and eat your birthday treat! There. Now you've actually, truly, celebrated Christmas. How awesome would it be to continue the celebration in your heart all year long?!

I could not live without Him, and I would not dare die without Him. If you have received Him, you are blessed beyond measure.

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you,
whatever you did for one of the 
least of these brothers and sisters of mine,
you did for me.' "
Matthew 25:40    

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
PS: I wasn't sure as to the actual order of events for most birthday parties; it's been too many years since I've
been to an official one!