Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Evening Chatter

The above is from the other evening. The sky was even prettier before I managed to pull over, get out my phone, and snap a photo. Seems to me some of the most gorgeous sunsets happen in November, and I'll be on the watch for them. I love to look at the sky. When the jet stream is a certain way (whatever that is), we get the air traffic, and they leave wonderful trails across the sky. 

Soon the sound of large flocks of geese, or even just two geese at a time, will be heard in our neck of the woods. We are in the Central Flyway, well, for both birds and planes. It's a wonder the big birds come, what with so little water around, but come they do. Most just pass through, but some of the geese stay for the winter.

On the ground can be found, even in town: foxes, coyotes, deer, raccoons, possums, skunks, wild turkeys, squirrels and bunnies, and probably more that I don't want to know about! Over thirty years ago a deer crashed through a window at the clothing store I worked at (it was closed at the time), then rammed a 3-way mirror trying to get out, before it was caught. Fortunately the poor thing survived and was taken to the zoo to convalesce.

Just my random thoughts on this shockingly cold November night! Ah wellcold nose, warm heart!

They began telling each other how their hearts
had felt strangely warm as he talked with them
and explained the Scriptures
during the walk down the road.
Luke 24:32  TLB

I appreciate you,


  1. Oh my goodness Bess, that must have been quite frightening to have seen that. The picture of the sunset was just beautiful .

  2. Do you know, dear Bess, that this post today echoes the beginnings of an intriguing short story?! You've definitely set the scene, and what a scene it is, from the ground to the sky, introducing to us the mysterious protagonists in their natural settings. Hmm. I am curious to how the plot develops from here!;)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend.


  3. You have an amazing variety of creatures wandering around your neighbourhood that we would never see here. The sound of those geese must be very evocative of the season and a beautiful capture of a November sky.


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