Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Sentiments Exactly

The pins were my grandmother's; wish the one was really star sapphires, but it's not!

Just a very short post to share this Victoria cover. That's an art easel on the left. But I just love the sentiment: The Pure Joy of Being Home. All I can say to that is a resounding Amen! And I haven't even read it again yet.

I have two copies of this issue (probably because one or the other of them is missing pages), and on the one that was originally mailed, those were the only words on that month's cover, which I found interesting and quite sufficient!

Our homes: gifts from God and a little taste of Heaven to come.

The hibiscus is still blooming, but judging by the lack of new buds, I think it may be going dormant - for awhile at least. Do they bloom inside during the winter months?

Wishing you sweet dreams tonight,


  1. Victoria books are always such a joy! I just found an old Love Of Blue And White at a book sale and LOVE it!

  2. I love being home, too. I enjoy looking at the pretty pictures you post. Have you been painting lately?
    Dianne L

    1. No painting except a couple touch-ups. At first learning my new job was tiring me out, and now I'm spending a lot of time helping to take care of my elderly neighbor. I'm collecting ideas for watercoloring, tho. I have colored a couple pages recently, and I still find it a "great escape." My eyesight is so poor that I'm not as precise as when I was younger, but then it's just for fun. I will try to share that soon because I always meant to share better photos of my little coloring book I've kept for 40 years. Thanks for commenting so faithfully, Dianne! If you ever get a blog, I'll be there! :O) Be blessed, Bess

    2. I'll probably never have a blog, but I enjoy chatting with you here. God bless you!
      Dianne L

  3. Bess...Home, my gift from Our Lord :0) I just enjoy these magazines...

  4. Thanks for dropping by my painted garden. Such a nice phrase, 'The Pure Joy of Being Home' and says it all for those of us who make our homes a cozy and loving place to live.
    I didn't save my old Victoria magazines because I passed them on for others to enjoy. Now I wish I still had them.

  5. I haven't parted with my magazines either but then I haven't been getting Victoria as long as some of you have. I love being at home and I love being a home maker. Ever since I was a little girl that's all I ever wanted to be. Although I have worn a few different hats, my greatest accomplishments are my children and keeping a loving home for them and the love of my life. I'm in my element here and I can just be me and I thank God for the gift of Home. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and leaving your nice comment.



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