Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back to Coloring

I've shared from this little 6" x 7.5" Betsey Clark Coloring Book by Hallmark before, here. That was when I didn't have a decent camera, and today's photos aren't a whole lot better. I did use auto correct in Microsoft Picture Manager to brighten the color, otherwise the colors barely showed. I have done twelve pages out of sixteen designs, and this is the first one I colored with yellow hair. At least the original is yellow, if it doesn't look so above. I guess I had been trying to make them all soft and "mousy" like the cover:

The cover has turned brownish on the edges.

Here's a page done in 1974:

And another done in 2014:

I use colored pencils and as light a touch as possible. I haven't tried markers because I don't think I have the control in my hands for them. I also recently pulled out a Dover coloring book I had and this is my first attempt to color in it:

Forgive the shadows from my sheers, but pulling them aside would have been even worse! Here's the cover, and this book is 8.5" x 11" with thirty designs (designs are on both sides of the pages, unlike the Clark book which has designs on one side only):

If I share more, perhaps next time I'll just try taking photos with the dreaded flash, under lamplight.

I thought this was sweet:

Our Father in heaven,
we thank thee for this day,
for light, for work, for friendship,
for this beautiful earth,
and we ask your help in everything we do.
A grace said by Lady Bird Johnson as found in the Victoria September 1993 issue:

Speaking of work, I'm expecting an especially busy week ahead, so I may not be able to post until next weekend or so.

If you need a soothing, easy way to relax, try coloring! I'm hoping your week is delightful!


  1. Oh Bess...I do so enjoy coloring books :0) My sons enjoyed them so much they went through so many of them. Now, they are both artists in their own right! :0) Your pictures are just so lovely...

  2. I should imagine a time spent colouring pictures is very relaxing. I always bring back coloured pencils and other art material as gifts for the younger grandsons and a perpetual journal book for our grand daughter from Italy. The coloured pencils are good quality ones and it's nice to encourage the children in their writing and drawing talents. Lovely prayer. I hope you have a blessed week.

  3. There are so many pretty coloring books available now. My daughter has colored in some with beautiful pictures of old fashioned ladies in long, fancy dresses. I like your Betsy Clark one, too.
    Dianne L

  4. Very pretty and sweet, Bess. Have a lovely week ahead; hope you get some time to relax, too.



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