Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On the Fly

That's what this post is! The above demitasse cup was my mother's. It says "R/Y Hohenberg, Bavaria, Germany" on the bottom, and it has a crown, if that means anything. It's one of my more autumnal-looking cups.

Here are a couple quotes from Corrie ten Boom in her 1978 book Don't Wrestle, Just Nestle:

"Prayer changes our attention from the problem to the Power, from anxiety to the Almighty."

"There is only one force more powerful than fear, and that is faith. Does your need seem big to you? Then make sure that God knows how big it looks to your eyes, and He will treat it as such. He will never belittle it, however trivial. He will not laugh at it, or at us. He never forgets how large our problems look to us."

We're headed for a big change in the weather, which we could use. I just hope we don't have to turn on the heat in September. (I refuse to!)  :O)

Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful day! Off to work I go,

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