Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old Rose, Pleasure Stations, & The Middle TV Show

While perusing my old Victoria magazines, I came upon an article entitled "In Search of the Quiet Center of Our Lives" in the September 1995 issue. It was "A Victoria Tea and Conversation" with Francine Prose, Judith Thurman, Carol De Chellis Hill, and Susan Minot, all who had written articles for Victoria. The following snippet is taken from Judith Thurman's portion:

"A Danish friend of mind ... told me that she has pleasure stations that mark her day. She chooses a record with great care and plays it for herself at three o'clock. Writing is a pleasure station for her, so is the bath. I like the idea of thinking of writing as one of the pleasures to be had in a life filled with other commitments."

Oh my. Aren't those "pleasure stations," or breaks in our routine during which we pamper our souls, so important?! Personally, I don't think I could exist without them. They lower my blood pressure and my pulse, calm my nerves, delight my senses, and strengthen me for the journey of life.

Dessert Plate

Cup front

Cup back


Reading Victoria is one of my pleasure stations, along with reading books, trips to the library only one mile away, checking favorite blogs for a few minutes, knitting a couple rows, sipping a cup of hot water with lemon and honey ... so many sweet blessings to occupy myself with. I have to agree with Thurman that writing is one of the pleasures to be had. How fun to hit "Publish" and to be read by my few loyal visitors and followers. A satisfaction but for Blogger I would never have experienced. (And I so appreciate your kind comments.)

Older photo of the teapot and friends

Another of my pleasure stations has to be the ABC sitcom The Middle. I only discovered this out of desperation after cutting back on my cable channels. I'm so glad I did because it's become my favorite TV show. (Well, not that I watch a whole lot of TV, but still ...) I can't imagine a better cast anywhere. Sue Sue Heck (not a mistake) is a gem with her positive approach to life (most of the time). There's an old episode where she's trying out for the track team that's positively inspiring. And the roles of Axl and Brick, her brothers, couldn't be written or played any better than they are. And though some of the Heck family's problems might be a little over the top, the show does an excellent job depicting life for your average, nondescript Middle America family just trying to get through. And it's clean- a true rarity these days. Bravo! Well done! If you haven't seen it, it starts up again this Wednesday, Sept 24. You may just find yourself wanting to watch the old episodes!

I'm not being compensated for the above paragraph, of course. But having grown up the female child between two brothers, I get such a kick out of the family dynamics on this show (even though not overly similar to mine).

The very fallish September '95 Victoria is an excellent issue overall, with a lovely watercolorist, a memoir about a favorite teacher, and pretty autumn clothes in photo settings only the old Victoria knew how to do well. Hope you can find your copy and enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee! 

Sometimes I enjoy just a simple treat of a dark chocolate bar and peanut butter on graham crackers:

What are your favorite pleasure stations throughout your day or week?

They are more precious than gold,
than much pure gold;
they are sweeter than honey,
than honey from the honeycomb.
Psalm 19:10

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Have a sweet weekend,
PS: The tea set was my mother's, is showing its age, and every single cup is chipped. I still adore it! The stamp is below:

Old Rose by John Maddock & Sons


  1. Such lovely thoughts and words that you have shared. I cherish moments in my day to be still and find inspiration in sweet pleasures and simple blessings. Sweetest Weekend Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. Wonderful post. For me, I think my morning and afternoon teatimes are what I savor. A break with something lovely in had and a comforting brew...and I often leaf through my beloved Victorias during that time...their beauty is so uplifting and soothing. I haven't seen the TV program, but I'll have to look for it. Love your china! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Chipped or not, the cup is cute!

  4. I enjoy my quiet moments too. Sipping tea or coffee with a good book is always a favourite pasttime. I'm glad you have found your simple pleasures. They make life so much richer, don't they? I have never heard of the show Middle but then I only watch a certain amount of TV and a few select stations. Clean shows are very hard to come by these days. Your mother's china is lovely and a treasure to have. Thank you for stopping by to join me for tea and Happy Autumn!


  5. Lovely post. I really enjoy my quiet moments and there is usually a cup of tea and at least one cat involved! It doesn't matter if your tea set is chipped ... that just means that it loved and used. So nice that it belonged to your mother. It is just right for an Autumn celebration ... and an afternoon looking at favorite magazines. Wonderful! Happy Tea Day!

  6. Victoria magazine...books...libraries...tea...knitting...The Middle...
    I could have written this post because these are all of my favourite things! I can't say enough about Victoria especially the issues from 1994-97...I think they are THE best. Our home is full of books and yarn and I just love going to the library. And we love watching The Middle. It's one of the best tv shows that come out in a long time. We have the first 3 seasons on DVD.

    It's so wonderful to meet some one with the same interests! Thanks Bess.

  7. Quiet moments are so important in this overly hectic life we lead. I like to find such a time to spend with some tea and perhaps some stitching.


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