Monday, August 25, 2014

Peace Be With You

Conversation at teatime should be tranquil, I think. Not the time for world problems or controversial issues, but a time to rest the spirit, remember pleasant things. Everyone needs such a time, and tea goes well with it.
(From The Best of Stillmeadow - A Treasury of Country Living by Gladys Taber)

With heat indices well over 100 degrees, we keep the shades pulled and the thermal drapes closed tight. The kitties and their people are eager for it to cool down so that we can look out the windows again. A little fresh air through an open window or two would be heavenly as well. Anyway, that's why I'm resorting to cropping old photos. Hopefully it will soon cool down, the sunshine will begin to stream into my south windows, and I'll do new photo shoots. That's the plan, anyway. :O)

Michelle by Royal Doulton

"When you have given your best to the day,
you can enter day's end with a mind at peace."

Yes, but I think we have to first tell ourselves: "I've given my best today. Whatever shape things are in, I place it all in God's Hands. He'll take care of everything as He wills. My mind can be at peace, and now I can rest."

Let go and let God,


  1. Hi Bess,

    Well, isn't that first quote by Gladys Taber absolutely timely? Yes, teatime should be accented by tranquility, both in conversation subjects as well as atmosphere, I believe. There are plenty of other hours in the day to debate, analyze and ponder all the goings on in the world, which right now, are many, miserably frightening, and melancholy. Thanks for sharing and it's very hot here, as well; we are in the triple digits and I don't venture out till after 4pm, for my daily swim.

    Have a pleasant week!


  2. Dear don't say where you are from..but I know that here is Southern California, we are back to the triple digit heat and it's miserable. Our pretty cool patio..gets like an oven by noon. I am so ready for a bit of cooler weather...but where we live..we have no idea when the heat will end.
    I now own a set of Rose Chintz..and it's lovely. The tea set AND coffee pot are on a try in front of my sofa..and I love looking at it. You were is just lovely. I was fortunate enough to find it on ebay..expensive but it has everything I could have wanted. Unfortunately some arrived will have to replace. I was so disappointed. There were also some with chips, cracks and nicks..but I don't mind. I will just use those for decorating. Yesterday my large 14 inch platter arrived and it's wonderful.
    I love your blue floral china too. So ;pretty...


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