Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After All These Years ...

I finally found it! The Spiegel ad in Victoria that had my EIT teapot. I knew it was there somewhere, but since over the years I've reread my Victorias rather haphazardly, I'd never come across it. This year, however, I've been perusing them in order ... and there it was in the August 1998 issue.

Silly me. I know I'm making a big deal over nothing! But it's one of those things that "I could almost swear to," but could never prove. And it confirms my memory that my mother bought me the tea set from Spiegel. I figure, then, that she gave it to me Christmas 1998. Unless ... it turns up in another ad in a future issue.  :O) Oh well!

Here are some close-ups from photos I've taken since I began my blog. (I have a total of eight place settings.) And I promise I won't share this set again for a long while!

The dessert plate
The saucer

One more. What a difference sunlight makes!

My photos (cropped) were taken from my Summer post and my Spring post/photo shoot.

If you've never properly treated yourself to a tea for one,
I urge you to issue an invitation to yourself today.
Take out your favorite cup and saucer;
lovingly choose your best-loved teapot and water pitcher;
choose an agreeable span of time;
breathe deeply and look forward to your own company. 
(from Alexandra Stoddard's Tea Celebrations-The Way to Serenity)

Take time to pamper yourself this week. You deserve to!


  1. Your teaset is simply beautiful, I so love transferware! How wonderful it was also gifted to you by your dear mother. I too go wild when I see something of mine in a magazine and yes, I did see two mercury cake stands I have in a very same Victoria Magazine! Exciting, lol!

  2. The collection of magazines is not only a source that gives pleasurable reading, but gives you a link with the past and memories of your dear mother, as does the pretty, rose-patterned tea set. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  3. Hi Bess,

    I, too, have been catching up with my visits, and have enjoyed reading your most recent posts. So glad you were able to track down that issue of Victoria Magazine that showcased your own pretty tea set. It is, I believe, more a matter of keeping your beloved mother's spirit alive, than anything else. Tea, when shared with others, is always a treat, but I agree that quiet time alone can also be quality time, and when it is accompanied by a soothing, hot cup of tea, served in such porcelain prettiness, it is, indeed, quite special.

    Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful weekend!

    P.S. Thank you for your very sweet comment on my current post.:))


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