Friday, July 4, 2014

A Glimpse into My Daybook

I'm sitting at my computer, listening to pretty music, passing the time while the fireworks go off. They are still legal here and the locals are madly in love with them! As for me, I hunker down and hibernate until it's over. The above photo is from a year or two ago. My photos below aren't very pretty so I wanted to open with something lovely. :O)

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm sharing my daybook with you. It may be TMI, but you will get a peek at my hopes and dreams for 2014 so far. I found the daybook below from a third party on Amazon. It was a big savings to me at the time, but I believe there has been a reprint and they are available here (right sidebar). Kimberly seems a lovely person. Don't know how I stumbled upon her blog, but she lives what she believes and contributes many good things to benefit this world. She is a yoga teacher, but I simply ignore what little yoga is mentioned because I couldn't do it even if I wanted to (well, maybe some chair yoga), and as a Christian, I'm still undecided whether I would want to "go there" anyway. But as with Stoddard, Ban Breathnach, etc., I don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater when there's much that's good to be found. 

So with that introduction/disclaimer, let's take a tour through her daybook, and then I'll share some pages I've filled this year. Once again, I'm sorry for the dark photos!

The cover:

I think the cover has been redone now.

Table of Contents:

She gives eight tranquility tips each for monthly, weekly, and daily use:

I really like the watercolor paintings by Mary Catherine Starr.

There is an "at a glance" calendar page for each month, then weekly planner pages with room for appointments, projects, thoughts, photos, whatever:

MITs means Most Important Tasks

I haven't used the seasonal Wheel of Life pages yet. Must read up on how to use them, but I think they are supposed to show where we are out of balance in our lives:

On the back cover:

At the beginning and end of the daybook are blank pages to fill as one chooses. Here are a few of mine:

As I've been perusing old Victoria magazines, I found I had several duplicates. Therefore, I did the "unthinkable" and have allowed myself to cut up some of them for photos for this daybook and my other "Discovery Journal." In time I hope to fill the little blank spaces I have open. 

Finally, each month begins with a page to pen dreams for the month. Following are my pages for the first half of 2014 ...


It says "filled with ginger ale!" under the glasses.





I haven't done July's dreams yet. I like to spend an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon working on those pages. Some of my weekly pages have a lot written in, and others not so much. And sometimes a negative thought or two slips in, but I'm working on keeping things positive overall.

I call my process "daybooking": a combination of calendaring, scrapbooking, journaling, etc. This book has somewhat replaced my "retirement journal" I was writing in, but sometimes I do write in it and will do that more after 2014. I've just found this daybook very satisfying to work with ... and fun!

And remember:

Count yourself blessed every day... and you will find yourself living in a world of blessings. 
(from the desktop calendar I used in 2013 as described in this post)

The Lord bless you and protect you.
Numbers 6:24   CEB

And now, since the revelry will go on for hours yet, I think I'll do my own celebrating by having some ice cream! As Jane Austen would say: She was all happiness.   ;-}

And I hope you are, too.


  1. What a lovely book you have Bess. A wonderful way to truly celebrate your day to day life _/\_ Maria

  2. I really like the way you are decorating and writing in your daybook. I like to cut pages out of magazines and make booklets of beautiful things and writings, too.
    Dianne L

  3. Hello there! I've just come across your blog, and wanted to thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs so openly, so others can benefit. May we all be blessed to take control of our thoughts; it's a daily game!



  4. Thank you for sharing your daybook and thoughts. Your flower sketches are very pretty and you have lovely handwriting. May the Lord bless you in every moment of each day and guide your steps by His Holy Spirit, protect your mind and heart. Eph 6. 10-20. I'm listening to what you share and praying.


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