Monday, June 30, 2014

Two More from Royal Doulton

Sorry my break was longer than anticipated! Guess it's like dieting or exercising (for me anyway): stop and it can be difficult to start up again. But I hope you've been enjoying a lovely, peaceful summer. I have been doing a little of this and a little of that, but no watercoloring. I could blame Pinterest for being one thing too many, and I don't even spend that much time there! :O) But I do have to watch that I don't spend my life gathering ideas and never executing any of them. Like a yarn stash. ;^}

As I've shared previously, I inherited six Royal Doulton place settings from my mother, each a different pattern. I was pondering that yesterday and thought perhaps some gift/jeweler's/glass/china shop (or department store?) was having a sample sale. She purchased eight settings, but I sent two to auction after her death. This pattern, Madeira, is sweet and delicate.

The following pattern, Brienne, seems much more informal to me:

I apologize for the dark photos. I don't get good light over the summer months, especially with the weather being rainy quite a bit lately. But I am thankful for that rain! Here are a couple more things I'm sharing that have nothing to do with Royal Doulton. The first is a book I like from 1993 (I bought it used a few years ago):

This looks like a painting, but it's a photo.

And a small deskpad calendar I found at a thrift shop:

It measures 8" x 13.5" and the sheets tear off. I haven't used it yet because this year I've been using a daybook, which I might share next time.

Finally, I'm sharing two more quotes:

Live in the moment. Open your heart and give your full attention to everyone and everything around you. Don't be so goal-oriented that you miss the beauty of each moment and live only on the surface of life, and become impoverished spiritually. 
Alexandra Stoddard as seen at Hadley Court, specifically here

No matter who we are or what our challenge in life is, there is always a "nevertheless"- some positive thing we can look at or talk about that brings the rest of life into perspective. Why don't you try it? The next time you are tempted to complain about your life in any way, go ahead and state your complaint, and then say, "nevertheless," and find something positive about your life
to offset the complaint. 
Joyce Meyer in Trusting God Day by Day (a devotional I have just finished reading, and as I have said before, I found it helpful).

Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom
for those who were in distress.
Isaiah 9:1

Blessings, and have a safe and awesome 4th of July!


  1. Beautiful teacups, nothing as gorgeous as RD! Love to have that book.
    Happy 4th. of July week.

  2. Welcome back, Bess!

    Your Madeira pattern of Royal Doulton is very dainty and elegant, and I'm sure priceless for its precious memories that it invokes.

    Your chosen quotes regarding gratitude spoke to me, as I have recently taken on a 'gratitude is the attitude' perspective, and must say, it feels freeing!

    Thanks for sharing your lovelies and Happy 4th!


  3. The pretty china with the pale flower designs on both must be very special to you. Every blessing for the days ahead.


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