Sunday, May 25, 2014

Roses in the Rain

I hope you are having a relaxing holiday (or regular) weekend! We have been in a drought, but at least yesterday we received .15 inch of rain, and this morning it rained for maybe a half hour or longer. Since it was a lovely Sunday morning, I was put in the mood to sit at the kitchen table (like in the movie Green Card?) and watercolor some roses while it gently rained outside my back door. I wanted to try a painting using more water and less control.

I didn't spend much time on it, especially adding the green. But I somewhat followed the gist of a tutorial, found here. It's amazing how different the same method turns out when used by different persons. However, I did the technique from memory, having watched the video a few days ago, and it turns out she used a larger brush than I did, and probably more water, on the roses (unless that's an illusion).

Then I decided to run out and photograph my neighbor's rose bush. The rain was coming to an end, but as I was still in my PJs I put on my winter coat, shoes, and hurried out for a few photos. (You can well imagine what I must have looked like!) I've lived in my house nearly 35 years and this rose bush used to be quite large. Unfortunately, there's not much left to it now, but I have enjoyed seeing the roses through my bedroom window.

Then also this morning, flipping through the few cable channels I take now, I happened to land serendipitously on Antiques Roadshow, an episode that was showing clips from several different locations. At the very moment I turned to it, there was a woman sharing a 1960 watercolor painting by Katharine Hepburn. I thought it was a pretty little painting of a coastline - perhaps the beach where she lived? A Google search went right to it, with the appraisal conversation verbatim, here.

The whole painting, scanned.
I was told the green looks like a monster, and I concur!
That's what I get for being lazy!

As a very humble, and no longer overly proficient, piano player, I've always enjoyed listening to others play the piano. Now I find I'm fascinated by watercolors done by others. In fact, you can check out some of Jane Seymour's paintings here. Kinda fun to have a new interest after all these years! 

It was so dark and gray outside, the flash went off on this shot, making the water droplets look like glitter. The actual roses are between red and pink in color: hot pink or fuchsia? But I painted mine with simple Prang red (and just a touch of orange).

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy.
Job 8:21

I hope your week glitters with all good things,


  1. Your neighbour's roses are lovely. The white wall shows them off well and the blooms have provided inspiration for your painting. I love your impressionistic style, Every blessing.

  2. You have captured them so beautifully: ~) so good that you were able to get some rain.

  3. What beautiful roses and your painting is just as beautiful. Just lovely, Bess.

  4. Hi Dear Lady... I bought a beautiful Lefton China Teacup saucer featuring Mockingbird!! Read your post from a few years ago. I've been learning and enjoying the Cuppa Tuesday world along with posting to my blog! Be blessed in all you do

  5. Ladies, thanks for your nice comments! You're lovely, each and every one of you! Bess

  6. It's been such a busy week I haven't got to posting here, but I wanted you to know I really liked the way you painted the roses.
    Dianne L


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