Sunday, May 18, 2014

Peonies, Positivity, Peace, etc.

Grateful I noticed these peonies before they began to shatter!

This morning I finally finished reading Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. I thought it was excellent, but then I like English Village books very much. This one, as you probably already know, is about the clergy of the Church of England in the 1850s. I had to read it with a dictionary because I wasn't familiar with much of the terminology. It does have a romance in it, although it comes to fruition very slowly. There was a BBC mini-series made in 1982 based on this book and Trollope's first Barchester book, The Warden. It is entitled The Barchester Chronicles, and I hope to watch it online (youtube?) before too long. (I think I have said all this previously!)

Anyway, for as much as I enjoyed it, I only wrote down two quotes from the book (although there were many wonderful lines and passages). The first is:

"Mrs. Bold would have given the world not to blush,
but her blood was not at her own command."

I used to blush often. Now, at my mature age, I blush less frequently. But it does still happen on occasion. Do you blush? It feels uncomfortable, but is considered to "speak well" of the one who is blushing. So I say we keep our hands away from our faces and just go with it.  :O)

"Blushing is the color of virtue."

And perhaps the color of these peonies?

I used the blur reduction setting, but it's quite windy today.

The second Trollope quote is Mr. Harding speaking:

"Every day that is added to my life increases my wish for peace and rest."

I can certainly identify with that sentiment as well. However, my new job has made me feel that this old girl has enough energy to put off complete rest and relaxation for awhile yet! I had a fun week and hope to have another and another and another!

Which leads me to my final quote I'm sharing today, which is from Joyce Meyer in her devotional Trusting God day by day (sic):

"When you focus excessively on the negative elements of a certain situation and overlook the good aspects, you are 'filtering out' the positive and exaggerating the negative. ...When you're constantly focusing on the negative, you'll find it very difficult to trust that things will get better. But when you choose to find the positive things in even your worst challenges, you'll never run out of hope or the ability to put your trust in God."

This devotional, by the way, has been very good and has helped me to stay positive when sometimes circumstances haven't appeared very positive. (I will be through it June 30 as I began reading it July 1, 2013.)

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4  NKJV

Many thanks to those (few) of you who enter Amazon through my blog. Your kindness is much appreciated!

Praying you have a delightful week, and thanks so much for visiting!
The photos today are courtesy of my neighbor's flowers.  ;o)


  1. What beautiful flowers. Mine are just starting to grow. Quite cold here in the mountains still...brrr :~( mari

  2. Beautiful post with gorgeous flowers and wise quotes. I used to blush a lot, but not to so much anymore.
    Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful peonies and irises. The row of red peonies in our garden are out now too. I've enjoyed reading a copy of The Warden in the past and I've yet to read the other novels in the series. The last quote is a good one! I do hope you have a blessed week, Bess.


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