Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Spy

I've been reading through my old Victoria magazines. Well, looking through them, to be more exact, and occasionally reading an article. 

I began by reading the month's issues corresponding to the actual calendar month, but now I am forging ahead and am currently enjoying the May issues. When I saw page 92 of the May 1990 issue, I did a double-take, and then went to the lower cupboard of my china hutch.

Yes! It was the same. I only have the one plate since it was the only one I found in my mother's things. But I do have this "feeling" that at one time she had an entire set that would have been her "good" dishes until she replaced them with the Rose Chintz dishes. I have no idea what she did with the Tudor Roses set.

Tudor Roses by J & G Meakin.

In searching I read one remark placing the pattern in the 1950s and another the 1970s. The 1950s would seem more likely since I'm trying very hard to think I remember them from my childhood. Anyway, spying something in Victoria (or elsewhere) that we also have is a thrill for some reason, don't you find?

Basket by Mikasa.

Odds and Ends:

I have had the large depression glass platter shown below since my great aunts passed away (the last in '83).

Every winter I treat myself to Camille Beckman hand cream. I love it even though I doubt there is anything that really helps my old dishpan hands. More humidity might help, though. We'll have plenty of that soon enough!

I have been enjoying watching my Rosemary & Thyme DVDs while winter and spring continue to battle it out. Seeing the beautiful flowers and English gardens is so soothing. (The mysteries aren't sophisticated, but the gardens are wonderful.) High winds here today, but not quite as high as off the coast of New England and Nova Scotia!

And finally, I had a dream about these, so what could I do but buy some?!!! :O)

For in Him we live and move and have our being.
Acts 17:28 (All of Acts 17 is worth a read!)

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