Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Enjoying the Light

Taken in the evening hours.

I must be "losing it" for sharing these photos of my eclectic cottage living room with you today. I should have prepared by tweaking and refining every little thing. But these were taken on the spur of the moment a few days ago. I guess I must have paused and looked at the waning evening light coming in and felt such peace that I wanted to capture the moment.

So this is my humble living room with towels on chairs and the buffet (which holds Kallie kitty), rag rugs on the floor, the exercise bike, and yes ... clothespins holding back the curtains (until I'm inspired to find something more attractive). Oh the humanity! Do I have no shame?! ... But it's comfortable. The window Kallie is looking out faces east, the other south. 

This room is 19 x 12, I think. That's a glimpse of the kitchen doorway.

I wish I could properly convey how I felt when I stood in my living room on the first sunny morning after my being home during the day began. Peace just flooded my soul as I sat down on my couch and took it all in. Being as there were no windows in my work office, I had been "daylight starved" for many years. It even seemed the weekends rarely cooperated. 

Grainy because the light was growing dim,
and it would have defeated my purpose to use the flash.
This view is after one comes in the front door.

I'm not a very outdoorsy person, especially these days. So I need the kind of light that floods a room and then later slowly, gently says goodnight. I even prepared by switching my old loveseat from where the buffet now stands, to a position where I can sit and see the light (and sometimes look beyond to my quiet, small-town street). Now I often just sit there, enjoying the light.

Many are the plans in a human heart,
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

(The scripture today is for me, and anyone else who needs it!)

Many blessings, and I hope you'll come back again,


  1. I think your home is lovely. Thanks for sharing it. I, too, am enjoying the sunshine after all the cloudy days. Spring is coming! God bless you. Dianne L

  2. Your work environment would have been very trying, I'm sure. So glad that you're enjoying the sunlight and time to just sit and appreciate it during the day. Knowing the Lord Jesus is there with you must also be a blessing.

  3. Your home looks lovely. I also enjoy light streaming into my house. During these cold March days, the sunlight especially is wonderful. Enjoy the light and your days at home!


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