Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saving Mrs. Thrupp

From The Heart of Christmas book by Victoria

Brrrrr! Some hot soup sounds just the thing for supper tonight. It's frigid out there!

Just sharing a few images from the only Victoria Christmas book I have. (Hope I haven't shown these before.)

A week or two ago, I was watching As Time Goes By on PBS. It was the episode where Jean recruits Lionel, Judy, Sandy, Rocky, Madge, and Alistair to help with a tea party for the local senior citizens. They've been warned to "watch out for Mrs. Thrupp."

Finally Jean gets to visit with Mrs. Thrupp, and, I think, asks her if she's having a good time:

"Nah, I've given up enjoying myself," says Mrs. Thrupp.

"That wasn't a conscious decision, was it?" asks Jean.

"I found I just stopped doing it."

Let's be on guard lest we stop enjoying ourselves (and life). Don't just give it up like the grouchy Mrs. Thrupp. Make an effort this Christmas to cultivate your joy! It's up to you!

Oh dear, Santa looks a bit down himself. My family used to make these to sell many years ago. If I had it to do again, I'd paint a smile under his nose! (All the supplies are long gone. Maybe someday.)

May my meditation be pleasing to him,
as I rejoice in the Lord.
Psalm 104:34

Off to cultivate my own joy by knitting a couple rows on a hat, having soup, watching a little television, playing some new piano music, reading, and keeping Jesus in my heart.

Have a warm week!


  1. I remember that funny! And I pull out the Victoria Christmas books each year. They are some of my treasures! Such a lovely post!

    1. Thanks, Ruth, for your kind remarks! Blessings, Bess

  2. I'm not familiar with 'As Time Goes By', but it does sound intriguing!

    Bess, wishing you a very Merry Christmas!



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