Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Basket of Happiness for the Season

"You've got the knack of happy living," commented Anna. "I think you must be like my mother who says that you aren't just given happiness. She says you have to pick it up here and there all through the day. And she does, too. She smells a rose, or she marvels at a bird hanging upside down on a spray, she makes a perfect dinner. She really savours life, you know, and from it she builds up a stock of happiness." (from Fresh from the Country by Miss Read)

Hello Friends! I hope your weekend has been a pleasant one. Some Christmas past I received a gift in this wire basket, so for my photos today I filled it with seasonal magazines, books, a movie, piano music, CDs, ornaments to hang ... and goodies to eat that aren't the least bit healthy! Just lots of enjoyable (to me anyway) things to do so that I don't ponder my future overly much as my current, longtime-held job comes to an end later this month.

Coincidentally, my older brother is in the same boat. This is what he said in a recent email: "Thanks for the wonderful note!  Tomorrow (the 29th) is my last day at work ...  All the way along, the Lord has been telling me, 'I got this, wait for it ... '  and I think that goes for you too!"

Awesome! Thanks, Big Brother! In fact, I told him I'd been getting the same message. But it's still hard sometimes to do the waiting. Figuratively or literally, a "basket full of happiness" could help!

Ornament from Hallmark.
(I ate the Little Debbie cake while writing this post!)

Perhaps you can create a special basket full of happiness just for you, just for this holiday season. Actually, mine (if it were larger) would include some knitting and embroidery I've been doing as well. 

As the above quote says, we aren't just given happiness. We have to take responsibility for it ourselves, gathering it as we go, and even stockpiling it into the future. And remember to think or sing happy thoughts! Everyone sing all together now:

Wishing you happiness wherever you'll be!

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord ... 
and extol him with music and song.
Psalm 95 1,2

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those
whose hearts are fully committed to him.
2 Chronicles 16:9

If you like piano music you might enjoy The Magic of Christmas by Phyllis Hoffman.
(No connection to her whatsoever.)

May you drink up every drop of happiness this glorious season brings!


  1. Dear Bess ... I am not sure how I came upon your "little space" ... but I look forward to browsing your past postings. I love your BASKET filled with such wonderful goodies! Thank you for sharing! Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Hi Bess,

    What a wonderful idea your happy holiday basket is! Actually, why not put one together at the beginning of every month, I thought to myself! I'd also fill mine with lots of music, a few treats, a couple of magazines, and maybe some really good hand cream, as the winter does a number on my hands. I think I've just compiled a basket that appeals to all the senses!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful little gift to oneself; enjoy!



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